Book Review – Simple Plane Love by Priyanka Luthra

Life is great when you have two things: the love of your life and your dream job. We all envisage about the two aforementioned aspects, and the absence of either of them will leave you unhappy – may be not right now but definitely at a later stage of life. It is great to have your love standing next to you throughout your life; however, without an objective to grow, to succeed, and to achieve something, you might feel in limbo at some point of time. What if you have to choose between the two? What if you need to figure out a way to have both – love and a dream career – in your life?


The book “Simple Plane Love” revolves around the aforementioned questions about love and career. It is a blend of facts and fiction by Captain Priyanka Luthra who is a trained commercial pilot. I was fortunate enough to attend the launch event of this book which happened a couple of weeks ago at “Title Waves book store” in Bandra. It was a proud moment for the perky and jubilant Priyanka to unleash her first book, and the emotions were absolutely evident. Most of her family members including her mother and husband were a part of the event, and the aura of their tremendous support was spectacular. It was a “Dream come true” moment for her, and the benign support of her family, which is rare these days, set this event apart and made an indelible impression. While giving the speech, she expressed enormous gratitude to her mother and gave her special regards. During my brief colloquy with Priyanka about the book launch event, I asked her the question: “what will you choose – love or a dream career?” Diplomatically, she mentioned “As flying a plane involves balancing lot of things, in a similar manner, you need a balance in managing love and a dream career as both are crucial for life.”





This book is a story about dreams, friendship, and love. It is a journey of Captain Meera Khanna – the protagonist – who is extremely passionate about her career and perhaps has no time for love until she finds THE ONE. Her endearing friend Diana – who does not believe in love – is her best buddy and both share a relationship of soul sisters. Meera stays in Philippines whereas Diana stays in Mumbai, and both of them are engrossed in their careers until an incident forces them to meet with each other. During that time something extraordinary happens, and their lives change forever. Whether the girls make the right choice between their love and careers is something I would like the readers to find out. Of course, the book has a happy ending like a fairy tale, and it does leave you with a smile.

As it is a blend of facts and fiction, at some instances, the book does sound too good to be true; however, there are some moments which I could relate with my life. Some beautiful scenarios does leave the readers in awe. The book is a kind of short story or a happy fairy tale more precisely without any dragons, cruel step moms or any severe tragic incidents. Like any other fairy tale, it does bind you to some extent where you wonder whether the princess will get her prince charming. A very simple written book and avid readers can finish it up in a day or two max.

According to me, it is a happy short story, and if you have lot of time to kill, go ahead and read this one.

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