Tupperware’s New Product Range That Caters to All Your Kitchen Needs

In todays date, eating healthy isn’t just the latest fad, it’s the new way of life. In a country like India, healthy, oil free food is the need of the hour and Tupperware’s new range of products addresses all these concerns. On learning about our love for food Tupperware gave us the opportunity to try their new range of products namely ‘Fridge Smart’ ,’Steam It’ and ‘Freeze it’.


These three products are enough to lock the freshness of your ingredients pre-cooking, whilst cooking as well as post cooking. The Fridge Smart is a very precise nutrient locking system which utilizes vents to ensure the perfect amount of air enters the box so that your ingredients can breathe optimally when placed in the refrigerator. Before writing this review I put all their products to a test so you can know exactly what you’re buying. I put my coriander in the regular plastic bag I use to store it versus the Tupperware Fridge Smart and noticed the difference a day and a half later.

The leaves in the plastic container had wilted a little and were of a darker green shade now as opposed to the leaves in the box which were wide leaved and looked fresher. The reason for this is the presence of the vent which can be opened and shut as per the fruit or vegetable type. This product comes in 3 sizes and a guide to tell you how many vents to open for different fruits and vegetables.

The Steam It is exactly what my kitchen lacked and my favourite product of all. What appealed to me the most about was the fact that I didn’t need to hold a cloth or wear mittens while picking the vessel up from the hot water. The shape is designed in a manner that the heat moves away from the handles and concentrates only where it is required.

The curve of the domed lid diverts water to the edges so that it doesn’t hamper the food and the grooved bottom drains the water efficiently. The food prepared is fresh and flavourful, vegetables retain their crunch and are not wilted or mushy. The Steam It comes with a little manual of healthy recipes that are fit to cook in this steamer.

The Freezer Mate in my opinion is more about convenience than anything else. To compare I placed my nuggets in their regular packet and the Freezer Mate. On tasting them after a few days both retained their freshness.

I did observe some crystals of ice inside the Freezer Mate although it was dry when put in. This range allows for clutter free and hygienic storage in the freezer nonetheless. It comes in various shapes and sizes to cater to all your food needs.

In my opinion Tuperware has always provided us with quality products that are so long lasting that they make every rupee spent worth it and these new products only takes their initiative one step forward. I now only store my ingredients in the Fridge Smart and try to steam everything I can get my hands on. I’m on my path to being healthy, are you?



Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani


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  1. This is one of the few reviews that i found really honest. The fact that the products have been tried and tested by the reviewer makes it much more believable.

  2. Tupperware has been a trustworthy brand since ages….a very well researched review… My mom would be glad to have these products in her kitchen!!!!!

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