Product Review: NIOXIN KIT NO. 3 for Chemically Treated Hair

To speak from the heart, it was wonderful meeting the team from Wella i.e. Amy, Nikhil & Gaurav and Ankita from the Blogadda team who made it possible for me to pamper my crowning glory.


At first, I was skeptical to use the shampoo and conditioner because I thought it could not work on my unruly cork screwed tight tresses but I was proved wrong when on that cold rainy day I started using my NIOXIN KIT NO. 3 (which was meant for chemically treated hair).


I started using the Transparent Mint (icy blue refreshing & cool mint) shampoo. I left it on my hair for two minutes and I was confused what it would make of my hair. After that, I splashed mugs full of cold blast on my face & hair. The cold sensation was a nice feeling. Then, I took a handful of the luxurious conditioner (the white milky texture felt great) and the fragrance was so lovely and spa like. The conditioner was to be kept on the scalp. I left it as instructed.


I felt cool & fresh and the heavenly scent caressed me completely. What I loved the most is the fact that this kit untangled my locks completely. I felt really special because the product speaks volumes by giving my hair a lot of bounce and shine. I felt like a NIOXIN ANGEL.


After keeping it on my hair for sometime, I rinsed the conditioner off and then towel dried my hair. I felt relaxed and refreshed after the use of the product.


Then came the final step, the Nioxin Scalp deep treatment from root to tip for fine & chemically treated hair. It was a water based solution, non sticky & fragrance free and was to be applied after towel drying the hair. I felt cool, my head pacified and calm (like a spa experience at home) & I could feel my hair looking lively, clean and fresh after the first wash itself.


After 20 days of use, I found the product to be working wonders with its white tea and super mint glacier effect. It made my hair swirl & twirl and my curls were more manageable. My hair is noticeably thicker now and my hair fall & breakage also seems to be under control. I would recommend the product!


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Review by: Nidhi

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