Tourism Victoria presents: Coffee and Visual Art

In all honesty, the heading of an invitation reading “an interactive coffee and art performance” left me in a state of flux, and the ambiguity about this abstract topic kept on bothering me until I reached the venue. However, the first ten minutes of the event gave me an insight about the entire concept and that was just the beginning of my excitement.

The event was organised by Tourism Victoria, and it featured a collaboration of aromatic coffee and creative art. Tourism Victoria is a Victorian government lead tourism agency which works to develop the local and global market potential for Victoria’s tourism industry. The occasion was all about the beautiful and interactive coffee and art performance  put together by the multiple world latte art champion St. Ali Barista – Ben Morrow and renowned visual artist Harun Robert where both of them demonstrated their talent and creativity in blending the latte with the visual art. Ben Morrow is a latte art expert, and his finesse has allowed him to be at the forefront for half a decade. On the other hand, Harun Robert a.k.a. Rob is a visual artist from India. At Melbourne, coffee is a passion and an important part of their culture. Melbourne is home to a plethora of cafes, and this culture is growing exponentially. Also, according to the latest survey, Melbourne is the world’s most livable city. In short, it was the occasion to bring a glimpse of Melbourne into India by blending the art of coffee and art.

At this time, you all must be thinking: “What exactly is the meaning of collaboration of coffee and visual art?” The winsome artists – Ben Morrow and Harun Robert – demonstrated their remarkable calibre in preparing the coffee and designing the spectacular paintings respectively, and they combined both the arts by making Latte a part of the masterpieces. In other words, Ben Morrow enthralled the audience by creating different designs on top of the lattes and then Harun Robert took the control to present those lattes on his beautiful coffee canvas as shown in the below images. The marvelous display of blending the coffee with the visual art was the show stopper. The aesthetic masterpieces designed by Rob were amazing, and he also used coffee as a color while creating them. The below image shows Ben Morrow creating a wonderful design on a latte.


Ben Morrow and Harun Robert


This beautiful canvas depicts the culture of Melbourne. Several latte designs on this visual art show cycling, love of cricket, a Yacht, and a parachute where each one of them is symbolic for the city. These things represent or define the spirit of Melbourne, and this was one of the focus points of this event. The images below exhibit the great combination of Latte and the visual art, and every image reflects the charm of Melbourne in it.


The below image reflects the importance of Cricket where Ben Morrow merged his latte designs of wickets and a cricket ball with the canvas.


This image shows the culture of sailing and water balloons in Melbourne.


Melbourne presented on a beautiful canvas where the latte depicts a half moon.



The session was followed by another aspect where Ben morrow gave the audience a chance to experience the Melbourne’s finest coffees. The excitement to experience the aroma of wonderful coffee was very evident. The scent of coffee was omnipresent, and being a fervent fan of it, I enjoyed every aspect of the demonstration.


Overall, it was a very unique event which presented an abstract art. I enjoyed it.

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