#MyLongHappyLife with Exide Life Insurance

Those who say happiness can’t be planned never saved a dime in their lives. All I know from experience is that if you are a good saver, you can end up making all your wishes come true.

#MyLongHappyLife with Exide Life Insurance
Whenever mom asked me to save I wondered why, but that was way back. Now that I’m all grown up. I know the importance of “Planning for Happiness“.
I recently saw this video online and I was immediately drawn to it. I love how the family plans for happiness. The kind of planning you witness in the video is what one used to see a long long time ago. This is how my grandparents/parents used to plan for the future. Youngsters have begun to live in the now but that isn’t how I want to live anymore. I was quite impressed with the video and I have decided to make sure I plan well for myself. I have a lot of things I want to do, much like the couple in the video and I want to plan exactly what I want. This way I will be able to achieve my wants with a clearer vision.
#MyLongHappyLife with Exide Life Insurance
I’m not gonna say I’m different but other than just wishing for a house, children and a happy retirement I want loads of other things. I write about my travel adventures and what I really want is a “Holiday Home” in another country. I have been exploring options and I plan on achieving this by the time I am 40. I want to enjoy every bit of my Long and Happy Life!
#MyLongHappyLife with Exide Life Insurance
I have a degree in Manufacturing and my project at Warwick Manufacturing Group was with Jaguar. My love for cars has only grown since. I would really like to own an Aston Martin someday.
#MyLongHappyLife with Exide Life Insurance
I fell in love with the romantic city of Paris the very first time I went there. I love food and have been cooking ever since I got into food reviewing and writing. I would love to spend 9 months at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris learning how to cook from French experts.
All my milestones may sound extremely far fetched now, but I know that with careful planning and investment this can be achieved with great ease. I know that a well planned life is important for a beautiful tomorrow. What is needed is for me to choose a good investment option and wait for it to pay out. Kal Khoobsurat Hai, so dream with your eyes open and make them come true.
I plan on systematically entering all my information within the Exide Life Insurance My Money Book as it is a great tool to ensure future happiness. All of your financial details will be right in front of you and any new additions can be entered immediately. This well-planned book has been designed to ensure that you have all your important financial information at your finger tips.
By: Mayank

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