Restaurant Review: Vaango, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

From a Labyrinth of Corridors to a South Indian Delight.


That is what Vaango is all about, you go searching for this place like I did for almost 15 minutes roaming like a nomad with clueless navigation of where to dig and finally “Abra-ca-dabra” from the slight hint of trivia received, we were finally able to make it to the other end of the South Point mall where this venue exist’s.


Going by the history told by the manager of this branch it is the oldest branch in Gurgaon, with 3 years on its accountancy and yet having 2 way entrance the place is hard to find on the first note, well once we got there finally, the smiles on the face of the staff and the manner of welcome they present is pretty appreciable.


On our first step in, the manager himself comes to offer a gesture of humility and suggests the patrons the seats for suitability and after grabbing our seats a quick service of chilled water is done for comfort.


On a lucky day we arrived at this place as they launched a new chiller kind of drink which was really a good one namely ” Tropical Tamarindo”, a drink made of tamarind pulp, mint leaves, chilled water and lemon soda, a real rejuvenating drink to offer and to consume.


Eventually, we ordered a plate of Rice Idli and Daal Vada, comes out that both of them were good and did stood upto expectations, while the menu offers a lot of starters we went for some authenticity and incontrovertible to the fact that their were some real amazing deals to dig upon we stuck to the elementary tasting.

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Then came the main course upon which we ordered the Signature Utthapam and the Signature Masala Dosa, as what was told by the manager the signature name comes in the menu by a simple addition of Gun Powder which brings the Signature effectiveness and presentation to the dish served and yes it did, the utthapam and the dosa tasted a bit different and so was the texture and the overall presentation.


Finally, even after having so much we again ordered a Masala Utthapam as we wanted to eat the dish without the signature addition of gun powder comes out to be a nice deal too, the utthapam tasted good and so did the condiments or additionals served like the red chutney, coconut chutney and the sambhar, apt masala no extra deal to complain about and all this time what was really adorable was the services and the amicability of staff members, even on observing note, a great bonding between manager and other staff people, it was great to see such ambience.


Remaining every aspect was nice from infrastructure to ambience everything was really in place and considerably moderate, sitting accomodation is too into the frame of modesty and the soothing Enrique music making the aura hopping to tap and then jumping to the conclusion with Rava Kesari desert which is Halwa with pineapple essence and Gulab Jamun and also another Tropical Tamarindo which was the best  deal so far I have had anywhere comparing to the chillers of any other venue.


So consensus to hop in, is that a fair deal to dig into a South Indian delicacy and so it goes with a affordable economic factor and a nice family joint, this place is all ‘Avec des glaçons’.

Loved it.



Review Credit: Sagar Sharma

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