Mamagoto & Le Creuset – The Art of Cooking Pan Asian

Some Fridays are beautiful yet some are deliciously prepared for you. 

Mamagoto and Le Creuset
On June 12th, 2015 Mamagoto and Le Creuset hosted a wonderful evening with Pan – Asian dishes and colorful cookware by Le Creuset.  Janti Dugal, the food director of Mamagoto happily shared secrets behind the yummy dishes out of Mamagoto’s menu.  The culinary extravaganza was prepared using the world’s most loved French cookware brand, Le Creuset.

Mamagoto and Le Creuset
Le Creuset is known for the world’s best cookware and it’s diverse collection of kitchen accessories. It has lovely designs, colors and vibrancy which add fun to any quintessential kitchen; the brand speaks of versatility in cooking and serving.

Mamagoto and Le Creuset

The Chef Mama of Mamagoto, Janti Duggal prepared yummy dishes like the ‘Java Grilled Fish with Sambal Sauce’, ‘Tofu with Sambal Sauce’,  ‘Çhicken Satay with Peanut Sauce’ and ‘Asparagus with sweet soy sauce’. The aromatic dishes were cooked inside the Le Creuset store using their products. The dishes were perfect combinations of sweet and savory. Each bite was tender and juicy, the perfect cooking could be tasted.  The scrumptious dishes were then served to the live audience. As the audience relished the freshly prepared dishes, Janti Duggal shared some of her own cooking secrets and answered a lot of questions based on cooking and serving.

Mamagoto and Le Creuset

The evening was a perfect collaboration of Mamagoto’s true meaning, ‘to play with food’ and Le Creuset’s perfect approach towards colorful cookware and accessories .

Mamagoto and Le Creuset

Both the brands blended in perfectly to create a glamorous quirky affair.



Review Credit: Antara Dey

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