Fresh Iced Tea alternatives to Cocktails @ Longitude, Le Meridien

Well next to sipping amazing cocktails, nothing beats summer like sipping an invigorating not-overly-sweet iced tea. Longitude at Le Meridien, Delhi is celebrating our love for this refreshing drink with a collection of six amazing iced tea flavours.

The Longitude or the Le Meridien Hub is an innovative space for curious and creative mind that promotes awaken curiosity and simulates thinking through physical and personal conversation.

The Green Apple Darjeeling Iced tea is a melange of fresh flavours and a great non-alcoholic option for those who want to have a quieter day. It is a great alternative to say a Smirnoff Appletini as it has the same crisp flavours.

For the lovers of the zesty orange flavour, a fresh orange green tea is a must try here. The green tea goes surprisingly well with the green tea and it also gives you a slight reminder of the flavours of orange blossom.

The Lapsang Souchong Grapes Iced Tea is not to be missed. It gives a full body flavour of the grape and the smoky flavour of lapsang souchong. It reminds of many a summer wine cooler cocktail, made with smoky whiskey.

The Longitude at Meridien invites guests to the sight, sound and scents of the local culinary offerings and experiences inspired by a coffee house environment by day and a wine-inspired setting by night.

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Article & Images By: Shivangi Sinha

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