Cleaning Service Review: Broomberg, Delhi NCR

The new trend is getting quality cleaning services at your doorstep.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

Even though you clean your home and office daily, you may sometimes feel that it’s not good enough. If you feel your house is not thoroughly clean and you worry about what you see, you need not worry any longer! Gift your home or office a new look and feel by booking Broomberg’s deep cleaning services!

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

Broomberg is the simplest way to get the perfect deep cleaning done for your premises. Easily accessible, just call us or book online at: and the Broomberg team will be there for you. No matter what the occasion or event is – from periodic deep cleaning to move-in/move-out they are a call away.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

I called them on a Friday but it was raining in Delhi and it was recommended to me that I get my couch cleaned on a brighter day, lest it won’t dry perfectly. They arrived on a Sunday, got me to sign a disclaimer about not being responsible for any breakages in my home and got to work.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

Broomberg provides cleaning services for homes and offices in Delhi, Gurgaon and other areas in the NCR region.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

Their carefully screened team is professionally trained and verified to ensure that one gets the highest quality of cleaning services by people you can trust.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

Needless to say the team seemed very professional and knew what they were doing. They were efficient and quick.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

Broomberg’s proprietary cleaning methods and processes ensure that they clean, disinfect and sanitize, from top to bottom, corner to corner. They use top of the line German and Italian equipment coupled with multiple special organic cleaning agents that are specific to each task in your home or office.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

To summarise, this is the newest, smartest way to get rid of the dirt in your homes and offices. Broomberg’s premier cleaning technicians got the job done in under 3 hours and arranged the furniture after they had finished cleaning the couch. The couch was slightly wet when they left and I was asked to not use it the whole day. It was left to dry. It dried by next morning and was good to use.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

The only problem I faced with the staff was that they cleaned the back of my one seater but the three seater wasn’t cleaned. I was told that the material is such that it won’t allow cleaning.

Broomberg - Deep Cleaning Service

The only reason I am confused is because the material of the one seater and the three seater are exactly the same.

Speed: ★★★★
Overall Service: ★★★★



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