Why new Macbook is going to be a blessing for Netbook buyers

Virtual Wanderer

New MacBook looks amazing with than thin design and sleek form factor, apart from being one of the thinnest Laptop in the market (hate the term Netbook ) its conveniently one of the most expensive machines in the market. Nevertheless, we are not going to sob over how we can’t afford this product, but how it is going to influence other laptops in the market.

11 inch and 13-inch laptop category always got cold shoulders from everyone. In addition, agree or not it’s an unwritten rule of the industry unless Apple launch a product nobody even care for the category. Just look at Apple watch, for example, Samsung had their smart watch for over two years now and after the debut of Apple watch people are discussing how the redundant smart watch category is.

However, companies like HP, Asus, and Lenovo are offering laptop in less than 20k. Still some…

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