My Love Affair with Estée Lauder Scarlet Siren

The May List

high end red

Last week I told you guys about the perfect red lip on a budget. Now I’m coming at you with my favourite high-end red. Now there are plenty of great option in the category, you’ve got MAC, Tom Ford, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior… but for me, the one I tend to reach for the most is Estée Lauder ‘Pure Color’ Long Lasting Lipstick in Scarlet Siren (73), at $26, is not one of the most expensive alternatives and it is just glorious.

I have the old packaging, which makes me cry a little, but is all the same, super creamy and moisturising, the pigmentation is off the charts. Not a matte one though, but I quite like the shine. The colour is the same as in the bullet, a fiery red with a bit of a blue undertone that works well with every skin tone and is the perfect compliment…

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