Learn about Dutch Cuisine with Foodhall,Palladium, Mumbai.

When most of us think of Dutch cuisine, we all think of cheese and are almost blank after that. This week Foodhall, Palladium, Mumbai gives us all a chance to learn a little about Dutch cuisine and its favourite dishes and ingredients as it welcomes Holland in Mumbai.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

Dutch cuisine when compared to Indian, French or Chinese treats its ingredients more naturally and comprises of simple, straightforward flavours. They are best known for their rich flavourful cheeses like Gouda, Edam and Maasdam and Foodhall brings us all this and much more.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

For all the health freaks out there Foodhall is serving a delicious and nutritious Dutch Pea soup at their cafe. Stamppot, a delicacy made of mashed potatoes, kale and carrots serves as a wonderful side to the meaty sausages the Dutch feast on. The live demo counter offers a sampling of a traditional Dutch cream cheese sandwich spread, Heksenkaas to go with the famous Rye Bread.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

Rye bread looks like a crusty hard bread but on tasting, is neither hard nor soft. Dense would be an appropriate word for it. Its dense nature is well balanced by the light cream cheese spread Heksenkaas and together they make a good combination.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

Apart from selling pre prepared Dutch products, Foodhall has imported some exotic fruits and vegetables straight from the fields of the Netherlands. These include a wide assortment of tomatoes like big beef tomatoes, tomatoes on the vine, red and yellow pear tomatoes as well as potatoes, parsnips, endives, brussel sprouts, peas, kale and most importantly white asparagus.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

White asparagus differs from the regular green one in flavour. It has a very fresh and juicy flavour to it. I tasted it steamed, with no spices or flavourings, just like the Dutch enjoy it and I absolutely loved it. It is currently available at Foodhall, although you must remember that almost half of the stalk can’t be used.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

The highlight of the festival for me were the absolutely stunning ‘StroopWaffles’. It is like a waffle cookie sandwich with a caramel and cinnamon filling. The soft, thin waffles with the spiced caramel are a gorgeous combination and an absolute must try! They are available at Rs. 150 for a small pack.

The live counter also has Dutch pancakes served with blueberry. The pancakes were fluffy but lacked sweetness, a deal breaker for me.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

They are also selling Dutch apple tart made from green apple and bread and butter pudding. I bought myself a slice of the apple tart and didn’t appreciate it much, on the other hand the pudding looked delicious.

Dutch festival, Foodhall

Dutch festival, Foodhall

Foodhall is also selling some adorable pancake pans to go with the occasion. They’re definitely worth a look.

Geoffrey Van Leeuwan, Consulate General of the kingdom of Netherlands loved the live demo counter and I’m sure you will too!

Dutch festival, Foodhall

So head to Foodhall to try their Dutch delicacies and do not return without trying their StroopWaffles. Thank me later!



Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani

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