Restaurant Review: Tribe Brunch & Bar, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Well, there is some relief for sea food lovers like me. Now we have a place to call itself a seafood specialty restaurant in NCR – and it is truly living up to its name.




Operating from the huge premises in Vasant Kunj – this all wood place is done up nicely and you still smell the wood – the place being just 3 months old. With indoor and outdoor seating – a total of about 60 seats, this has a couple of huts on the outside for groups of 6 – 8 and tables for 2. With the vast space available it permits the privacy you would need.



The air-conditioned ground floor is available for regular diners and seats about 30. The theme is prominent and everything is primarily wood – from the walls – to the seating – to the plates!



The upper floor is reserved for private engagements of up to 40. With a makeshift bar, this would be a good choice for private dinners and parties.



The restaurant organizes gigs and event in the outside area. They are organizing Sufi nights once a week for now.

Staff & Service


The person serving us had a smile on his face throughout. He made sure we were comfortable, had an eye on the table and never let us say anything.


Everything was being done without saying anything. He knew the menu and the food well. We had a couple of questions about the ingredients and he answered them well, the ones he didn’t knew, he went and confirmed them for us.




On the suggestion of the server, we ordered the Tribetini. A vodka based drink – with just the right amount of vodka – elder berries and tribe spices – this drink is a marvel. I wanted to have more, but then I had to drive!



Cinderella, Titree to Rock & Tribe Magic were the other drinks ordered from the mocktails section. Cinderella was very refreshing, Titree to Rock was good and Tribe Magic is wonderful. They have a huge collection of spirits and wines to serve as well. If you have time, a lovely place to sit down, unwind and enjoy drinks with friends.




Though I am not much of a salad eater, the Oven Roast Lobster Salad caught my attention and I ordered one. It is the perfect start to a meal. With the freshest Lobster available in NCR, the fresh rocket leaves, the lovely pine nuts and in house dressing – it was polished off in seconds! Served with a portion of freshly baked bread and Chilli Mayonnaise, both complimented each other well. They bake their breads in house and it was as fresh as it could be.



For samplers, we had Wood Fire Prawns – served with saffron aioli and breads – the prawns were perfectly roasted and maintained the smoky smell because of the wood fire. Beer battered Fish Fingers served with garlic caper sauce was a pleasant surprise.



So soft from the inside and so crunchy from the outside – it’s a feeling that can’t be explained! Zulu Tribe Chicken Skewers are a fantasy inspired by the ethnic group from Africa. With grounded coriander and Chilli as the base, these are so flavorful yet so simple – you will just fall in love with them.



They serve bread with all their dishes – whether starters or main course. Baking them in house, these are the best breads I have had with meals. The breads act as palate cleansers as well as give weight to the dishes!



Mushroom Crusted Fish – coated with wild mushroom and stuffed with olives & jalapenos is a great dish. Served with Tribe Special Sauce, grilled vegetables and bread, this is the perfect concoction of items on a plate for the main course.



The other dish for the main course was BBQ Grilled Chicken. I personally don’t savor BBQ sauce a lot, but theirs is too good. Served with seasonal vegetables, mashed potato and bread (again!) this is filling as a main course. The chicken is perfectly cooked and the BBQ sauce is lovely.



Having had all that food, we were almost out of our capacity to eat and we just ordered one Traditional New York Cheesecake. Topped with a saffron sauce and served on a bed of chocolate biscuit. We could feel the cheesecake was absolutely fresh and it was right blend of sweetness, sourness and moistness. A sweet end to a delightful meal.

Tribe Brunch & Bar has added an Indian menu as well for the clientele and they keep hosting gigs and events. With a huge area to its advantage, it is a preferred choice for events and with the flavorful menu to it credits & the uniqueness of fresh seafood – this place is definitely going to see sea food lovers like me a lot.

Address – 138/9, Aruna Asaf Ali Road, Near Paradise Banquet, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070.

How to reach – Just fire up Google maps – takes you to the door!

What to order – Order anything from the seafood menu, that’s their specialty. Tribetini, Oven roasted lobster salad, Zulu Tribe Chicken Skewers are a must try.



Review Credit: Abhik

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