Smokey’s collab with WowTables – a meaty treat!

Smokey’s at Cyber House Gurgaon reminds one of a modern steak-house and bar at the first glance and the more the time you spend you’ll relish the mix of rustic & contemporary. The deer mounts, ample use of wood, the tree like chandeliers with the grill aroma and mellow-deep house music made me feel right in place for a Monday evening.

As a part of on ongoing food campaign, I was offered to review the experience and a specially set 4-course menu was presented. Being the ever-thirsty me, I had to call for the signature cocktail I had heard about and ordered the Melon Sangria. Really refreshing with the fresh cut melon, a perfect start.
Enjoyed my sangria with the appetizer, food to follow was not close to the preceding .Cutting to the chase, my choice of food from the menu offered-

Charred Chicken Skewers (4.5/5)- really nice, juicy, charred
Chicken Caesar Salad (4/5)- fresh , chicken was indeed smoked

Red Snapper with Burnt Rice (2.5/5)- fish was slightly overcooked and under-seasoned, rice oily not burnt
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (my friend had this)- (3/5)again under-seasoned, tomato sauce lacked the acidity
White Chocolate mousse paffe (2.5/5) – pistachio with white chocolate (too sweet) & no hint of dark chocolate as mentioned- not quite a happy ending
Apple Pie(friend’s plate)- (3/5)- decent, not the best we’ve had

Looking at the menu, a bold range of grills ,steaks, hot dogs, burger & a pretty interesting mix of cocktails/mocktails, I would rather stick to good old juicy meat grubs with cocktails the next time I’m here. The heavenly smoked aroma of meat steaks building around in a synonymous setting/theme just made my fish shy away I believe.

Definitely coming back for more, there’s a lot they offer on their European/American menu & a lot of it is really inviting if you are die hard carnivore. A place I would like to go again with family/close friends to satisfy my meat cravings.

Overall Experience- 3.5/5
Expectations – 4.5/5 !!

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