Restaurant Review: Café Boda, Galleria Shopping Centre, Powai, Mumbai

On a gastronomic trip to Mumbai, this was one of the places in the highly recommended list of our friends – so we made way for lunch.


I will be frank, and the location doesn’t appeal, and so is the approach to the ground floor and first floor. Little cramped by most standards, I was a little skeptical to be frank. Well, the ambiance didn’t stop the scores of people enjoying their food and my expectations were high.


We went to the first floor, the ground being full of happy customers! You can tell from the faces of people whether they like their food or not, and here they surely were! The floor being an inch taller than me just hosts 3-4 tables and is provided with an AC.


The order was made – straight to the point with main course and based on the suggestions of our friends – a portion of Kosha Murgi (thick onion gravy, chicken), Kosha Mangsho (thick onion gravy, mutton), a portion of luchi and 4 rotis.


With 4 hungry souls the luchis and rotis just vanished and were repeated. The quantity of the main course dishes are quite good.


We also ordered a Pabda fish in Mustard Gravy and it was lovely. It was polished off with a portion of steamed rice.


Kosha Murgi was just the way it should have been – the chicken juicy enough, the sweetness of the onions balanced by the heat of the chili and the perfect blend of spices.


Kosha Mangsho fared well too – the mutton was cooked properly, which most restaurants fail to achieve and the thick onion gravy was a ideal blend of sweetness, heat and spiciness.


Pabda fish in mustard gravy was authentic. Anyone can screw dishes with mustard in it, but these people didn’t do any mistake. The fish along with the curry complimented the steamed rice very well.

Well, having satiated our hungry stomachs, we ordered the specialty of the place. Nolen Gur Ice Cream – we were told thins is being brought from Kolkata. At 100 a scoop, it is divine!



So much so, each of us had 2 scoops and we were left wanting for more. This is a must try here and if you are in this area, you must have the ice cream once.

Location – 37, Ground Floor, Galleria Shopping Centre, Powai, Mumbai

Cost for 2 – Rs. 700

Must Try – Kosha Murgi, Nolen Gur Ice Cream, Pabda fish in mustard gravy



Review Credit: Abhik

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