Mamagoto launches its New ‘Dumpling and Chinese Bread Menu’

In celebration of their five year milestone, Mamagoto launched a new Dimsum and Mantau menu at their outlet in DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj. The event was attended various bloggers, journalists and media.

The atmosphere and interior was typical of Mamagoto, with the animated tigers, vibrant pop art and open ducting it is the perfect balance of funky and classic. The outdoor seating with a view of the courtyard of the mall seems like a wonderful place to dine on a cool evening.

The event started out with an introduction from Mrs. Jayanti, the food director of Mamagoto and the brain behind their Menu. She spoke about the concept behind their new menu and the thought process behind the twists they have given to their menu. The menu aims at fusion, intending to infuse Chinese, American and Japanese influences.

This was followed by a sampling of the various new dishes. This is my review on each and every dish that was served.

Whilst dining and ordering dishes off this new menu it is important to remember that these are ‘Dumplings’ and not ‘Dim Sum’ or ‘Sui Mai’. The two can’t be compared.

All the dishes have a vegetarian and non vegetarian option and both are equally good.

Street Style Spicy Dumpling

The first variety is the Street Style Spicy Dumpling, served with the option of minced vegetable/chicken/shrimp, with a slightly thicker coating than I would have liked but a generous amount of filling these were served with a spicy chilly oil. The chilly oil enhanced the flavour of the dumplings. I found these tender and well balanced.

Traditional Peking Dumpling

These round dumplings served with a tangy and sweet soy, vinegar sauce and topped with sesame and coriander were juicy and well complemented by the sauce. I preferred the vegetarian one to the chicken.

Jungle Dumpling

The non veg one is similar to the Peking in terms of flavour. It mentions being infused with chive but in my opinion the chive was over subdued. The veg one has some interesting flavours. I enjoyed the choice of vegetables and the inclusion of bamboo shoot which definitely shone more than chive. The topped ginger in thinner slivers and less quantity may have been more appealing.

Old School Gyoza

This was definitely my favourite. These are lightly pan fried and I enjoyed the addition of the crunch that it brings. They are served with a sauce similar to the Peking dumplings. Here as well I much preferred the vegetarian version which was vastly flavourful with the shitake present. This is my recommendation from the Dumpling section.

Chinese Chicken Puff and Char Siu Puff

Both of these were very tasty. The chicken puff was flavourful and both meaty and saucy, it had a sweet taste to it which balanced out the savory very well. The Char Siu puff was also very well balanced in terms of flavour. It was flaky, topped with sesame and the filling was delicious. If you like puffs, it’s your lucky day.


Porky Apple Mantau

The filling is very similar to the above puff so don’t order them together. The delicious combination of pork , spices and stewed apple is very tasty and placed between a well steamed hot bun. It is like eating a Chinese burger as  the filling is not enclosed in the centre , but sandwiched in between giving it an informal experience. I recommend this dish as it was subtle yet flavourful.

Cheesy Vegetable Bun

This bun did not do justice to any vegetable present in it and wasn’t cheesy either. It was greasy and had an odd fermented taste to it, I’m not too sure where it came from , but this is a total no no.

and last, but not the least….

The Tokyo Metro Mantau

This brings in the American feel. With the burger/vada pav experience , the panko fried filling and bull dog sauce this can be perfectly described as China meets KFC. Since I love chinese steamed buns and KFC, both, I enjoyed this dish , but I’m not sure if this goes with the Mamagoto feel. It is available with the option of aubergine or chicken.

The Puffs and Tokyo Mantau are not quite what you’d expect in an Asian restaurant , but then when did Mamagoto ever do what you expected?

They have also introduced a Mango Coconut Sago Pudding. I don’t think pudding is the appropriate nomenclature since it consists of fresh chopped mango and tiny coconut jelly balls, the size of confetti. I wish there was more coconut flavour to it, it definitely lacked balance.

Mamagoto has successfully given all their new dishes a novel twist and the new menu is definitely unusual with a few extremely well balanced and delicious dishes.



Review Credit: Sanskaara Lalwani

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