Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna Stirs-up Mumbaites at Foodhall, Palladium

The event to launch Vikas Khanna’s book ‘Shaken and Stirred’  held at Foodhall in Palladium, Lower Parel, Mumbai was attended by Vikas Khanna’s truest and most loving fans and a few of his friends.

Vikas khannas book launch

Vikas Khanna is an award-winning, Michelin starred Indian chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the very successful TV show MasterChef India. He was also the host of another well-received television program – Twist of Taste – on Fox Traveller.

Vikas khannas book launch

Vikas Khannas presence itself brought a certain sense of exuberance and brightness to the place. The ever smiling man is definitely the one of the most genuine people I have met. Vikas Khanna warmly met all is fans, hugging people from across the table and shaking hands with everybody who could reach him.

He spoke to the gathering about his path to success, from starting a catering service in Amritsar at 17, to writing his tiny first book, of which he managed to sell just 2 copies , right up to being the host and judge of Masterchef India. He jovially chatted up the audience about his mispronunciation of Hindi and English words and how that makes Chef Sanjeev Kapoor crack up at the shoot of Masterchef India. The fans were thrilled at his mere presence and some got him presents as well! A loving fan gifted him a framed picture of his best friend, guru and greatest support, his late grandmother. Vikas was seen emotional upon being reminded of his grandmother and spoke to the crowd about how special she was to him and just how much he needed to see a picture of her that day.

Vikas then invited his good friend and past colleague to launch the book ‘Shaken and Stirred’ with him. The book is a dazzling collection of non-alcoholic drinks, including some timeless classics and exciting modern recipes ranging from herbal infusions to new combinations of teas , smoothies , shrubs and slushies. The recipes seemed basic and easy to follow. It contains some interesting twists to mundane drinks like ‘nimbu paani’. He has used herbs, infusions and spices to give his drinks that extra zing.

Vikas khannas book launch

Shaken and Stirred is Vikas’s 20th book and he left immendiately after for Cannes to launch his long awaited masterpiece, his 21st book, Utsav which weighs 15 kgs and is priced at Rs 8 lakhs a copy. It includes recipes cooked in the remotest of villages on festivities and commemorates the transgender community in a special way.

Vikas khannas book launch

He demonstrated the preparation of drinks like Lime and Lemons and Green Machine from his book ‘Shaken and Stirred’ all the while chatting and educating the audience about food and ingredients and how to get the best out of them. He kept passing around tasters and teaching us tips and tricks to master the art of ‘mixology’.

Vikas khannas book launch

This was followed by book signing and one to one engaging with the guests . Tasters of  the prepared drinks were served to everyone present. Vikas graciously clicked hundreds of pictures with the guests and even indulged in selfies with all his fans.

Vikas khannas book launch

Vikas’s vivacious jovial nature and down to earth attitude brought a smile to everyones faces and left us all only wanting more of him.



Review Credit: Sanskaara Lalwani

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  1. Very well written Sanskaara! Seems like he has a very humble personality, true to what we see on masterchef.

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