Restaurant Review: Gajalee, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 3/5 Stars

Staying in Delhi, seafood becomes a luxury for us. We compensate that by visiting our friends in Mumbai every now and then. Mahesh Lunch Home is a must for every visit – this time we thought of trying something else, so we settled for Gajalee, Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel.


Opulent by looks, we were excited to gorge on the set menu we had already decided – Bombay Duck Fry, Crab and Tandoori Roti. That has been our fixed menu for every trip to Mahesh Lunch Home, Fort and we have never been bored of eating the same stuff.


Service & Ambience


We were seated by 8 PM, with a couple of tables occupied other than us. By the time we got our starters the restaurant was almost full, which probably speaks of its fame. Service is good, food came up quickly and we didn’t have to ask for anything. The servers were observant for everything missing on our table. Ambiance is good, the seating comfortable and there is enough space – not to make you feel cramped.



We just ordered a Solkadi and it was good.



With a set menu in mind for sea food restaurants, we ordered Bombay duck (Bombil) Fry and Pudina Fish Tikka. We are fans of Bombil fry just for the simple taste it offers. Last time we had it in Mahesh Lunch Home and we ended up ordering 5 plates of it. Here, we were passing on the 2 plates we ordered to be finished.


The things appeared only batter with little meat and too oily. May sound ironical for a deep fried dish, but there’s a difference and an obvious comparison was made. Pudina Fish Tikka was just average and with the price of INR 750, it was not at all worth it. The chutney served alongside was the best!


For main course, the only thing in our mind – Crab was ordered. Though we had read that they excelled in Tandoori Prawns – we went ahead and ordered Butter Garlic Pepper Crab. The crab that we chose was excellent – full of meat and tasteful – but the preparation just dwindled the fun of it.


Had the chef given it a little more time, it would have turned up better. The garlic and butter weren’t given enough time to play with each other and we could easily see and taste it in the dish. With the preparation of Mahesh Lunch Home still fresh in mind, though it was almost a year back when we had it, every comparison was made and MLH was announced the unabated winner. Tandoori Roti and Onion Kulchas were ordered to go along with it, and again we had to get one Kulcha replaced because it was too burnt.


To summarize – perhaps I will pay them one more visit to taste the Tandoori Crab; otherwise, I am not going to take any chances and going to stick to Mahesh Lunch Home for sure! With 4700 spent for the above items, it is costly, considering the quality of food.



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