Restaurant Review: Biryani360, Bandra, Mumbai – 4.5/5 Stars

It takes nerve to have just two dishes on your menu and be among the top rated restaurant on Zomato. Perfect justice is done by Biryani360, a gourmet biryani joint, delivering all over Mumbai.


Brain child of Shayan Italia and his partner, Biryani360 is a promising joint having just 2 items to boast of – the Veg & the UnVeg (read non-Veg) – and in two portions – a single pack supposed to serve 1 and 1 kg party pack feeding 8 – 10. Priced at 360 & 3000 respectively, appears to be a bit over priced at this moment, but read on, you will know why it is worth it.


We were invited to tour the state-of-the-art kitchen Shayan has set up with the latest in food technology. I have visited other kitchens as part of food tasting events, but never seen such an organized and clean kitchen. Everyone knew what his role was and there was no confusion. The absolutely hygienic conditions in the kitchen raised my appetite many folds.


The biryani is packed in specially designed boxes with a plastic cover, both of which are FDA approved. Shayan has made sure to put a lot of study and research into every aspect. The boxes are ergonomically designed to maintain the balance while eating. The plates are designed to hold just the amount of biryani that would satiate the appetite of a fair eater.


Shayan and his team researched for over an year, having numerous biryani across the country, taking inputs from the best known consultants in the field to design the perfect recipe for a biryani – to share a few –3 types of grains, the best quality basmati rice, pure saffron strands, negligible amount of oil and the latest in cooking blue flame technology which replicates taste in the cooking equivalent to marinating it for 72 hours.


The UnVeg (chicken) biryani came in first. The packets were interesting, the box stable and everything sealed with a plastic cover to prevent spilling. As soon as the cover was removed the smell of saffron filled the room. Pure Saffron, check! Looking at the quantity, my thought was – I can have like 2.5 of these easily – and I was proved wrong in the next 10 minutes.


There was negligible oil, the chicken pieces (only thigh – boneless – added bonus J) very juicy, succulent and perfectly cooked. Blue Flame, check! The UnVeg version has the veggies as well. Sensing the curiosity, Shayan was quick to mention his team’s research where they found the veggies in UnVeg actually lifted the flavours, and I think that is true.


I saw the volumetric techniques come into play after a couple of bites and by the end of my portion, my hunger was satisfied, but that I-just-need-a-bed-now feeling that comes after a biryani was not there. Minimum possible oil, check! The Veg version came up for tasting. I have always been on the arguing side in office about the existence of a Veg Biryani – there is not, it’s a pulao J – well, now I might have to change my side and I have had the best Veg biryani till date. The veggies are tasteful and in every bite they make you realize that the rice and veggies are an entity. The raita served alongside – amazing. That thing – at the perfect temperature as it was served – I can have multiple bowls of it.


A great initiative – a dish which brings lots of oil, masalas, friend onions, richly cooked chicken and dry fruits to mind by its name – converting it to a healthy version is a great thought. Biryani eating is not unhealthy anymore.


I am surely going back to this one again and again.

Location: 1st Floor, Comet Building – Back Entrance, Near PWC House, Station Road, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Phone: +91 7506 735 085





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