Mother’s Day BakeBox! has these amazing Mother’s Day treats for you this month from Tea Time Tale. The reason I love BakeBox so much is because I love surprises.

Mother's Day BakeBox

All you have to do is visit every month to check out the featured baker and reserve your Bake Box or gift one to a friend.It’s that simple, now a Bake Box-er.

Mother's Day BakeBox

BakeBox will forward your request to their hand-selected ‘baker of the month’ . He or she assembles you a fresh, delicious Bake Box filled with goodies for you to relish.  They will contact you to organise a delivery or pick up date. Orders are grouped geographically and you can pay cash on delivery.

Mother's Day BakeBox

Baker of the Month: Tea Time Tale

Based in Gurgaon, Tea Time Tale is a home bakery.

Mother's Day BakeBox

They specialise in desserts, cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Mother's Day BakeBox

Their aim is to provide you with the best baked goods to make your tea a treat for you.

Mother's Day BakeBox

They try and strike the right balance between beauty and taste and provide you with the same experience every time.

Mother's Day BakeBox

My BakeBox was super cute to look at and my mom loved it.

Mother's Day BakeBox

The brownie in a cup with chocolate ganache was everyone’s favourite. It was rich and decadent.

Mother's Day BakeBox

The dulce de leche cookie sandwich tasted amazing with tea.

Mother's Day BakeBox

It was delightful, I wish there were more of those in there. The blueberry pie cookie and almond tart were brilliant too. I can’t wait for next month!

Mother's Day BakeBox

Surprise me again, BakeBox!



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