Guppy by ai’s Hanami & the launch of its Spring Summer Menu

On Thursday afternoon, I walked into Lodhi Colony’s posh and sought after Japanese restaurant Guppy. I looked around intrigued, I had really expected it to be a more formal setting. But Guppy’s fun Asian vibe with a homely decor had me the moment I walked through the restaurant.


Not being a major fan of seafood, I was slightly apprehensive about eating authentic Japanese food.


The chef probably wanted to ease us in so the first thing we tried was a smoked pumpkin soup with sakura wood and crispy pumpkin seeds. The smoked flavor overpowered the typical pumpkin taste, which worked well. There were also some leaves thrown in to add to the flavor and give some green to the ochre soup.


Next we sampled a cold smoked Kampachi, a type of fish that was served on a bed of some salad, again, the dish was smoked to perfection. Because of how close it was to the taste and texture, all of us at the table assumed it was salmon. The chef later told us what it was!


We tried another type of Kampachi, right after this one.


Next, our server, smile on his face, walked up to our table with two trays of sushi. Before he had put the tray down at our table, I decided I would pass on the sushi. But within seconds, I was talked into eating it. I was told I couldn’t go to Guppy and not have their sushi. I was afraid but I picked up my chopsticks and bit into the sushi, it had almost all the basics from the sushi bar, a couple of types of fish including salmon, vegetables, rice and of course the skin. I can proudly say, I enjoyed it. Sushi and I are now friends.


After this, we tried a vegetarian starter; tofu and water chestnut in what seamed to be a slightly tomatoey creamy base, it was close to an Indian curry flavor but the water chestnut of course, made all the difference. Within moments, we had gobbled it up and two large helpings of Eel arrived at our table. It had some basic spices and also some eggplant; it was cooked in a semi gravy.


The flavor of the eggplant, went surprisingly well with the Eel, which I had not anticipated. Along with the Eel, we tried something called Parch man fish, which was close to a grilled fish served with some spices and lemon. This was my favourite.


The chef was concerned we had had a seafood overdose, so he told us he would bring us a ‘comfort dish’. While I waited for this dish, that I was very intrigued by, I ordered myself a ‘summer hoedown’          which was a beer cocktail with a punch flavour and mint leaves. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Unlike other places, the alcohol content in the cocktail was more than sufficient! I was quite pleased!


A couple of minutes later, our comfort food arrived, A semi friend chicken curry dish with steamed rice. This felt like home! The flavours were absolutely perfect and I was more than glad to get a break from all the different types of fish.


To add to this, we also sampled two different types of cold ramen, one being Udon and the other Soba. This was probably my least favourite dish from the selection but others seemed to enjoy it!


I didn’t stay for dessert, but I hear it was good! I’d give my Guppy experience a 4 on 5. They will definitely be seeing a lot of me!



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Review Credit: Diksha

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