Anupam Kher at Ireo’s Gurgaon Centerstage with Kuchh Bhi Ho Sakta Hai

This weekend, Ireo launched ‘Gurgaon Centerstage’ at Epicenter which is going to be a year long mega theatre carnival. The weekend activities included plays, story telling and wokshops.The highlight of course, of the weekend was Anupam Kher’s play ‘kuch bhi ho sakta hai’.

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On the 13th of April, he was interviewed by famous Radio Jockey, ‘khurafatti Nitin’.

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The interview began with Nitin talking about his career in Bollywood, the diversity of the roles he has played over the years and how he has kept himself going.

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Anupam Kher, very warm as I had anticipated he would be, he began by talking about his childhood. He came from a very poor background but he proudly quoted ‘when you are very poor, the cheapest thing available is happiness’.

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He grew up as a happy child, believing he would be some one who would be celebrated because of his achievements and not because he was the same as the other five hundred people around him.

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He came across as an extremely humble and grounded person, he joked with the little children in the audience and kept the crowd gripped.


He told the audience about how he spent time in Bombay sleeping on the platform and almost gave up at this point; he felt like the city was humiliating him on different levels. At this time, when he wanted to drop everything and go back, his grandfather told him something that changed his perspective of life. He said ‘Bheega hua aadmi bearish se nahi darta’ , someone who is already drenched, doesn’t fear the rain.


He went on to talk about how living in a large family, made him the person he is. He always felt loved. This strengthened his will to fight and keep at it.


He has worked on 491 movies in 30 years and says this is only the interval.


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