Polo Shirts to Spruce your Summer Style

Be it tennis courts or streets, Polo shirts transcend style by giving men something simple yet sporty to wear, perfect semi-casual wear.

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Especially with the weather being as sweltering as it is, as the temperature begins to rise, men have shrinking options as far as their wardrobes go. Almost invariably, men make polo t-shirts their go to choice during the intense heat.

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The polo which is a must have in any man’s wardrobe today; it can be worn in the boardroom and the gym with equal élan. Moreover, it is a lightweight; comfortable piece of garment that makes all looks stylish.

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Comfort and fit are the prime reasons for men to choose their polos over anything else. With them being available in all sizes and colours and patterns now, it is hardly surprising that polos are so popular.

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The best available shirts are 100% cotton and men of all shapes and sizes can wear it.

How to wear Polo Shirts?

For a look reminiscent of an old time Hollywood star appeal, you can combine it with a casual yet stylish pair of chinos/linen pants with sunglasses and loafer shoes. It’s relaxed and casual. You can always pair it with a pair of flash/sober blazers to liven up the dress. IN fact if you can pull it off, leather jackets go that much further with polos.

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For a 50’s meets 70’s style go for polo shirts that have stripes in them along with multiple patterns, checks as well many different muted colours. Skinny fit trousers, jeans or even shorts look dashing with the good old polo. Shoes can be paired suiting the mood and occasion from loafers, sandals, oxfords or even the rudimentary sneakers. Just stay away from boots and you shall be fine.

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The best and most adventurous look will be go all hipster. If you can pull off bright bold colours along with a pair of glasses and some skinny pants.

So it could be that your polos will not be used anytime soon in the middle of the city anytime soon, but its impact is such that it can be used into your daily life in every way possible. In fact the polo is so legendary for its athletic appeal and comfort.

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