Ain’t no party like a Chris Gayle party!

Chris Gayle‘s first time in Gurgaon and he headed straight for a evening of carousing at Raasta, Cyber Hub with all-rounder, West Indies T20 Captain – Darren Sammy.


Raasta is well-known Caribbean restaurant consisting of different lounge areas that beckon you to chill awhile, groove to foot stomping music and have a good time with friends.


The highlight of the evening, Gayle making McDowell’s No.1 Fizzky for fans.  Gayle said, “I’m not creating Gayle Storm but making you a drink! Everyone loves a whisky with friends, I know I do. But tonight, I’m making a whisky drink with a twist; its the No1 Fizzky. First, I take 240 ml or 4 large pegs of McDowell’s No.1, the whisky for true friends. To it I add 600 ml soda and 120ml of cola. And then, the twist! I take a wedge of lime, coat it with salt and drop it right in the drink! There you have it – the No1 Fizzky, to be shared with your asli Yaars.”


Gayle is just as good on the dance floor as he is on the cricket field. Before he hit the dance floor with his fans, he was seen spinning some of his favourite tunes with DJs at Raasta.


Gayle’s announcement  “Alright, I have a free pitcher of the awesome No1 Fizzky for the loudest bunch of yaars here. Let’s hear it!” The table that cheers the loudest gets a free pitcher!” whipped the crowd into a frenzy.


IPL has added a lot of colour to the otherwise mundane game of cricket. Players from all over the world visit India and get to explore the party scene because the pressure of mainstream cricket is off.


We all know how Chris Gayle knocks it out of the ground but looking at him party was exploring a whole new side of his towering personality. This supercool cricketer enthralled everyone with his moves and grooves – he was a DJ, a bartender and a dancer and he rocked every role!

Article By: Shivangi Sinha first published on: encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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