Top 5 types of Shirts that add to your Boyish Charm

Whether you are a size XS or a size XL , short or tall, these shirts are for you:

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1. Orange Linen Shirt
If you are one of those dudes who likes to look “Fair & Handsome” (I don’t blame you, societal pressures!), then orange is the colour for you. Go for a lighter shade in linen shirts and avoid a bright orange. Picking a brighter orange will end up making you look like Govinda in one of his 90s movies and we all know you don’t want that!

2. Navy Blue Casual Shirt
A dark colour like navy blue is the quintessential colour for every man’s wardrobe. Black is slimming but everyone knows that, so if you wish to be different pick a casual blue shirt that looks flattering on almost all skin tones. Pair it with either trousers or jeans and you are all set to paint the town red.

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3. Light Green Casual Shirt
Summer’s here and while dark colours always rock, there isn’t anything nicer and soothing to the eye than lighter shades. A traditional green shirt can give you the summery casual look that you so badly need this season.

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4. Pink Linen Shirt
Did you know that a research in the UK stated that, “men who wear pink shirts earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t…”. That’s right, men! Get your credit cards out and begin some online shopping for “PINK”! Pink shows that you are not afraid of embracing who you are and are bold enough to experiment with different colours.

There are a lot of flattering shades, colours and fabrics, so pick the right one to look your best. Get out of those boring outfits in your closet and pick something interesting this summer. There are a lot of options available online so get shopping!


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