Home Delivery Service: MealMe.in – 4/5 Stars

A good home delivery service is like having a rainy day in the scorching summer heat. It is not only rare but provided the food is good, it takes comfort eating to a whole new level.

Meal Me - Home Delivery Service

Meal me is one such service that enables customers to choose everyday meals that are cooked by chefs. If act they have even launched an app that makes ordering meals a matter of a few clicks. the leal itself was a healthy combination of a salad with cheese filled garlic bread a chocolate mousse (did I say it was healthy!)

Meal Me - Home Delivery Service

The Chickpea and Redbean salad in mango dressing was a Mediterranean inspired summer time salad that had chickpeas and oranges, groundnuts combined in a fresh dressing. It was literally like summer on a plate and the combination of chickpeas and orange worked wonderfully for me. Not only did the sweet and tangy oranges elevate the salad, they counter balanced the heartiness of the beans, very refreshing.

Meal Me - Home Delivery Service

I also adored the plentiful nuts in every mouthful and it also improved the texture by lending it crunch.  The garlic bread were quite good too and the real surprise were the jalapeños in the middle that gave it a kick along with cheese.  I have a sweet tooth so the choco mousse was what I had my eyes on from the start and it was worth the wait.

Meal Me - Home Delivery Service

The mousse itself was wonderful and as it should be – chocolate, airy, a tad sweet but devilishly tasty. The almonds on the top worked for texture well giving it a bit of crunch. I was very happy with my first experience at Meal me and I loved this concept as it merges choice with chef standard food at a reasonable price.

Kudos to Meal me and needless to say check it out soon.


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