Restaurant Review: Chew – Pan Asian Cafe, Connaught Place, Delhi – 3.5/5 Stars


As I entered CP’S Chew café , I got that typical vibe you’d get from any relatively new pan Asian restaurant. Asian motifs and paintings and photographs. The décor was however, interesting and the place also, was relatively full for four pm on a Friday.

I was greeted by their friendly staff and given a table to sit at while I waited and also given a menu to order a drink of my choice. The menu was well designed with interesting graphics and catchy colours. I browsed through the drinks selection that was full of interesting mocktails including a virgin sangria.

Since I was going to be tasting desserts, I ordered an iced coffee; thought it would cleanse my pallet between desserts.

The coffee was easily one of the better coffees I’ve tried. Being a coffee enthusiast, that’s saying a lot!

Shortly after, our table was ready and we sat down to taste their selection of desserts.

The first thing we were made to try was a Banoffie Pie. The presentation of course, was perfect. With banana chips covered in chocolate, I dug in with my fork, getting all the layers in that one bite. The bottom layer was the perfect thickness, unlike a lot of other banoffie pies I’ve tried. Although the flavor of the banana was slightly overpowering, the banoffie was probably the best of their selection.

Our second dessert was tiramisu. This was served in margarita glasses and the presentation again, was close to perfect. The coffee flavor could have been a little stronger, but on the whole, it was a decent tiramisu.

After this, we tried two chocolate desserts. A chocolate molten cake and a Choco lava cake. Both of which were served with vanilla ice cream. I was a little disappointed with the Choco lava, which tasted like it had just been filled with a whole gallon of chocolate syrup. The molten cake, however tasted much better and the taste of the dark chocolate was distinct. The chef said they used two different types of chocolate for this; one of them being Callebaut.

To end the afternoon, we tried a caramel sponge cake with vanilla ice cream. It was perfectly soft and spongy but the caramel flavor could have been more a little less like it came straight out of a bottle.

Over all, I’d probably give Chew close to a 3 on 5 for desserts and the rest for hospitality.


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Review & Picture Credit: Diksha V.

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