Food Review: (Gurgaon) – 4/5 Stars

I have a new addiction and it’s to the food at They deliver all over Gurgaon and if you are someone who likes to watch what they are eating you can do it best with this service. Every item they prepare has a clear mention of the number of calories it contains.


The curd rice for instance, oh the curd rice! Why must I write a review at this time of the night when FRSH isn’t open. It is now open until 9pm though as compared to before when it was only an morning-afternoon service. Anyway, how much I crave it now – at 1am! So, moving on, the curd rice is phenomenal. I have to admit I have only once had curd rice in Mysore before and that was completely forgettable, this on the other hand is something I can eat everyday and still not be done with it.


“Seasoning” or “tadka” for the curd rice is packed separately to keep it warm and crunchy. It has cashew nuts, curry leaves, red chillies, peanuts, etc. and it completely enhances and elevates the taste of the dish. The pomegranates in it do the same too, I would never have thought of adding fresh pomegranates to curd rice but it just works so well.


The honey loops blueberry yoghurt is another one of my favourites. I just can’t get enough of that. If reminds me of the innumerable jars of muller I used to buy at Tesco.


It is like one of those really nice flavours of Muller or Onken you get in gourmet grocery stores in India. It is a lot healthier though, because it has oranges, apples, pomegranates, blueberry purée and to that you add crunchy honey loops, I had no idea something this healthy could taste this moreish.


I love pasta but red sauce isn’t really my thing, I’m more of a cream sauce lover. I couldn’t have imagined to like red sauce pasta this much but I did & it had broccoli in it! With only 550 calories in a bowl, this is one dish I don’t mind licking the plate for.


These are my top favourite dishes out out all the things I’ve tried at FRSH. They have poha, shakes, juices, bhel puri, sabudana khichdi, etc. but I prefer the above items the most.


When you visit their website and pick a delivery slot, they are there at that time. I’ve been ordering from them for a while now and they are seldom late. They deliver all over Gurgaon to both office and residential customers.

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