Where are you celebrating Easter? My pick – 1911, The Imperial.


Easter brunch at 1911 on 5th April 2015
Easter specials at La Baguette till 5th April 2015

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

Easter Sunday is upon us and it brings along a plethora of dining options in the city. 1911 at the classy Imperial is having an Easter Brunch this Sunday and going by the food I sampled there yesterday, is unmissable.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

Other than the traditional Easter grub, Chef Vishal has laid out many Mediterranean dishes that liven up the menu. There is a pineapple Gazpacho is a refreshing departure from the tomato base and the smoked paprika gives it a spicy kick.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

One of my favourite dishes will be the Prawn Escabeche. Again a departure from ceviche, this flavourful dish has a special blend of flavours in the marinade, giving it a deliciously sharp tang.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

For the vegetarians, I will recommend the stuffed artichokes. These are high quality spanish artichoke hearts covered in a delicious spinach filling. Creamy and flavourful this will satiate most meat lovers too.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

I loved the lamb chops on polenta. The braising (as opposed to just roasting) makes the lamb deliciously moist. I must write about the polenta as even on its own it was smashing.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

Tossed in just some parmesan and olive oil it highlighted Chef Vishal’s philosophy of rustic, simply cooked but delicious dishes.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

The other two standouts were the Confit of chicken and the Veg lasagne. The chicken was moist beyond belief and combine that with streaks of perfectly cooked bacon made the dish very special indeed.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

Among the many desserts, the macaroons were truly special. I’d be hard pressed to find better macaroons in the city, an absolute treat. For chocolate lovers there is the chocolate verrine, basically a superb chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate syrup spooned on top. Sinful and indulgent, this kind of stuff is what Easter is made up of.

1911, The Imperial, Delhi

Executive Chef Vishal Atreya is planning to have a spread of nearly 70 delectable dishes so round up your family (or brunch crew) and head here to get your fix of eggs, chocolate, leg of lamb and bloody Marys.

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