19 Of The Most Over-Hyped Restaurants In The Country

They have a history sometimes, and sometimes they don’t. They have built a reputation making quality food which reached its saturation point and are now riding the descending waves of name, brand and reputation. We asked around and got the names of some restaurants that were once popular but lost their spark somewhere along the way. They only live through the recommendations of travel guides and the significance of their existence.

1. Karim’s, Delhi

Great mutton curry, so they say. How would I know? I got fed up waiting. If you’re willing to wait in the blistering heat or the freezing cold for a table, you’ll find out.



2. Tendulkars, Mumbai

This closed in 2007, and reopened a few years later. The restaurant does not have bad food per say, but tastier alternatives are available elsewhere. People just want to dine there because of the little master who owns it.



3. Khan Chacha, Delhi

Once famous for its chicken tikka rolls, this establishment decided to hand out franchise licenses to expand its business. Unfortunately, there was a drop in quality and now Chachaji rides on the waves of his past glory.

khan chacha


4. The Hub, Kolkata

A multi-cuisine restaurant in Kolkata’s Taj Bengal hotel is a popular choice for fans of buffet lunches. It is often a haunt for ladies of leisure who love luncheon. Prices are steep as ever and the food is just sub standard. The City of Joy has better options for a bland bit of pasta.



5. Bukhara, ITC Maurya, New Delhi

Made glorious with diners like former American President, Bill Clinton, Bukhara is just your dhaba that decided to get classy. The food is okay, except for the Dal Bukhara and Mutton Barra, which are out of this world. If eating at Bukhara is a status symbol, so be it!



6. Flury’s, Kolkata

The Swiss coffee house was revamped and introduced in the prime location of Park Street. The ambiance is brilliant as it preserves the feel of a European coffee house while watching the world go by. Too bad the pastries are not as Swiss as they claim to be, but are dry and too sweet.



7. Leopold Cafe, Mumbai

Leopold has seen Bombay become “Mumbai” since it first opened in 1871. It still houses its old school vibe and is very popular with foreign tourists. But the food has taken a turn for the worse.

leopold cafe


8. Mocambo, Kolkata

A haunt for continental food lovers in Calcutta, Mocambo has seen all and fed all. As a child, my absolute favourite was a pasta bake dish that had a thick umbrella crust of cheese gratin under which was spaghetti in tomato ketchup. Meat lovers who are willing to risk upsetting their stomachs love this place. They could really go easy on the white sauces though.



9. Gulati, New Delhi

Pandara Road is the hub for butter chicken lovers in the capital. Travel guides recommend Gulati but locals say look elsewhere.



10. Cafe Mondegar, Mumbai

Like Leopold, the vibe is amazing and takes you back in time along with lovely illustrations by Mario Miranda. Too bad the food is average and takes forever to get to your table.

cafe mondegar


11. Oh Calcutta!, Kolkata

I refuse to comment on the brand’s restaurants that are in other cities around India. The one in its homeland is absolutely awful. The only plus point? Bengali food in a classy ambiance. The food, enough to make you detest Daab Chingri and fish for the rest of your life.

oh calcutta


12. Bade Miya, Mumbai

Greasy and devoid of any flavour, the kebabs are really not worth the wait.



13. Mainland China, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata

Fancy and so Chinese, Mainland China continues to charm with its fabulous decor. The food, on the other hand, is no longer what it used to be. Expect to bump into several rude Bengali uncles who think they’re royalty just because they can afford to eat here.

mainland china


14. Lucky, Mumbai

Many locals suggest the butter chicken over the biryani, that many consider its signature dish.



15. Trincas, Kolkata

Once the birth place of Calcutta’s live music scene and the starting point for many musicians, the restaurant was at the peak of the city’s Golden Age of jazz music, commerce and industry, until the Commies came in and ruined everything. The music in Trincas is no longer what it used to be. The food is never spoken of because people just go there for the live entertainment.



16. Jhaal Farezi, Kolkata

Average food while the interiors look more appetising. Desserts are a disappointment. Moving on…

jhaal farezi


17. Amber, Kolkata

Still a popular Punjabi joint, the food is not what it used to be. Expect your food to be oily and dunked with spices.



18. The Dhabas at Murthal

Many drive to this small town just to eat dhaba food. It’s a pity most of them are awful.



19. Paranthewali Gali, Delhi

Not really paranthas to begin with, but just giant pieces of flat bread that are dangerously deep-fried to death. Enjoy!



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One thought on “19 Of The Most Over-Hyped Restaurants In The Country

  1. A very misleading heading. The Bengali author’s picks kind of matches my list of over hyped restaurants of Kolkata. But sorry to say that Mocambo is one of my most favourite places. I visited all the places mentioned here except the ones in Mumbai. The author failed badly while naming shops from Delhi. First Karims’: dear author name three other reasonable places of Delhi which can provide: Tandoori Raan, Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Nihari, Mutton Paya, Tandoori Bakhra, Shorba, Mutton Barra like Karims’ (old Delhi). And about queue: visit their Nizamuddin branch and “pay” more (or blame local people with no family planning may be). In fact I personally find Nizamuddin Branch of Karims better than Old Delhi one. But since I am poor, I usually stand on a queue (not THAT long) and dine at Old Delhi one. Khan Chacha I agree. The Khan Market branch is better than most of the other branches. About Parathe wale gali: Have their Rabdi paratha, Khoya paratha, mixed veg paratha with kaddu ke chatni. Remember they are cooked without garlic and onion. Perhaps your Bengali tongue is creating a problem here as you are used to with parathas made in a different way with white flour. Bukhara.. Well if you visit 5 star restaurant to look for out of the world food, you are purely stupid. Lastly where is Paradise, Hyderabad? Self proclaimed “The Best Biriyani of the World”.

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