What kind of Foodie are You?

The Hunterr foodie: Be it weird food or simply a new cuisine, you love exploring new flavours. Your friends call you to help figure out a good restaurant for different cuisines /occasions. You have your social media antenna tuned to pick out any new interesting exciting eateries in your city.

Most likely to say: “I went there last month, their steak is so juicy! Its heaven. Why don’t you also try… ”

The Fast Food foodie: You have a favourite fast food joint which you crave every few days. Take you to KFC or pizza hut and you know exactly what to order.

Most likely to say: “Can we go to KFC after this?”

The TV foodie: You spend your evenings watching reruns of MasterChef and know the days and times of every other food show ever. You have a favourite between Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsay.

Most likely to say: “This time on master chef they made a delicious lamb dish. Do they have Lamb in the menu?”

The Sensitive foodie:  You are not allergic to anything, but dairy makes you lethargic, gluten makes you bloated and you suspect soy gives you eczema. It’s not that you are fussy, you just have a really, really sensitive stomach. Really sensitive.

Most likely to say: “I am wheat/ dairy intolerant, let me check if the chef can modify this dish for me”

The Social Butterfly foodie: Most often seen uploading pics of meals to instagram while the food goes cold. Your friends will be surprised if at the end of the meal you don’t mention how you would rate the restaurant on Zomato.

Most likely to say: “Wait! don’t touch that. I havent Instagrammed it yet.”

The Traveller Foodie: You went traveling once so now you have tried all the foods and know all the things. Your favourite activity is talking about authenticity of flavour, and are most likely to complain how you have had a better version of the dish at this underground petrol station-cum-pisco-bar in Lebanon

Most likely to say: “Wow they have ceviche and sweet potato puree. This time when I went to Peru, I had this in a street market.. ”

The Fresh Foodie: You are a connoisseur of the local farmers’ markets. You know exactly what time and day of the week the local mandi gets their freshest produce. You keep reminding your friends which fruits and vegetables are in season and that they have been ripped if they paid more than x for it.

Most likely to say: “Do you serve juice? Not canned. Fresh juice?”

The HomeChef Foodie: You don’t believe in eating out. You are most likely to have or dream to have a kitchen garden. You have a way to source homemade pickles and jams. You feel strongly about all the chemicals in the food today and can give a long lecture on organic produce and ethically sourced ingredients.

Most likely to say: “They should have used sea salt to season it. The flavor will truly hit the spot then” .

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