Black & White Moments is Back @ Sutra Gastropub, Gurgaon

Starting from October to December 2014, Black & White Moments told the story of the rock and independent music scenes in Bombay, Delhi, and Bangalore, respectively. Featuring some of the most respected Indian rock musicians from the 60s to the present, each show was a chronological narrative, taking the audience from the past into the present day.

B&W Moments - Advaita Poster New

Black & White Moments combined musical performances, storytelling, and short documentary films to provide an absorbing, funny, entertaining, and heartwarming experience to consumers.

By integrating the ‘Black Box’ into the show, consumers were able to ‘share’ their thoughts and memories with the performing artists, thereby creating ‘two-way’ communication between the stage and the audience. Guests simply wrote messages on postcards, and dropped them into the Black Box. Those postcards were then handed to the artists, who read out their fans’ messages on stage.


In 2015, Black & White Moments will continue to create two-way interaction between consumers and their favorite Indian artists.

While the first series of events featured more than 10 bands per show, Phase II will feature one band that is iconic to its home city.

Black & White Moments: Sharing the journey of Advaita will tell the story of renowned Delhi fusion band Advaita, from its birth in 2004 to its present iconic status. The show will be a celebration of the band members’ achievements in front of their friends, family, and fans.

What music did the band members grow up listening to? How did they first meet? Where was their first gig? What went into their first album? All of these questions and more will be answered through each Black & White Moments show. The band members will also be sharing some special, behind the scenes stories that have never been told to a public audience. This is a once in a lifetime chance for Advaita’s fans to intimately interact with the band unlike ever before.

For those of you who don’t know, Advaita is a band based in New Delhi, India. From their inception in 2004, their brand of contemporary ‘organic’ Indian psychedelic music has been hailed as one of the most original and creative sounds to ever come out of the Indian underground music scene. No where else can one hear a sarangi, tabla and Hindustani Classical vocalist blend so effortlessly, yet so exotically with guitars, drums and keyboards.


In 2009, Advaita launched their first album on EMI records titled Grounded In Space and this really catapulted the status of the band. Recorded at the famed Yash Raj studios, Mumbai, the album was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Later that year, Advaita was one of only four bands from India selected by famous producer John Leckie for the British Council Soundpad Project, recording 2 songs for a globally released compilation as well as touring the UK. More international gigs followed with a trip to Singapore.

Advaita’s fan base was boosted further by their presence on the inaugural seasons of MTV Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged. Following this the band released their second album titled ‘The Silent Sea’ in 2012. The album went on to bag the Global Indian Music Award (GIMA) for ‘Best Rock Album’ and the Jack Daniel Rock Award for ‘Best Album’. Close on the heels of these awards, the band was also featured in a prime time show called ‘The Dewarists’ on the Star World channel and more recently ‘Sound Trek’ on the Fox Traveller channel.


Advaita is now one of India’s leading bands with one of the most exciting live acts, redefining contemporary Indian music, blending the traditional with the modern in a way never seen before.

Black & White Moments will be Sharing the journey of Advaita at Sutra Gastropub, Gurgaon located in the hippest Location of Gurgoan, DLF Cyber Hub, spread over 5,000 sq. ft. Sutra is a 170-seater restaurant that will give you a culinary experience like no other. Designed in a simple and rustic yet royal manner, the restaurant is a soulful bonding place.

What are you waiting for? Be there on Wednesday, March 19th 2015. Entry is free for those above the legal age of purchase.

For further information about the first edition of Black & White Moments, please visit the Black & White Facebook page and watch the post-event recap films.

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