Mid-segment Bangalore hotels offering unmatched services

Source: lookbangalore.com

Source: lookbangalore.com

Between the well heeled travellers and people with backpacks running from pillar to post there are a plethora of travellers. These people expect basic services and amenities without burning a hole in their pockets.

This segment is the mid market travel segment and many hotels are pushing for a piece of this pie as travellers looking for hotel bookings in Bangalore are likely to pick one of these as an option for their short term stay in the city.

Amid the surfeit of hotels in Bangalore, there is a growing trend of mid segment hotels. The mid segment fills the gap between luxury hotels and quality budget hotels catering to the burgeoning travellers (both corporate and tourist) in Bangalore. Mid segment hotels provide all the facilities of luxury hotels but at an affordable price. One can even say that these boutique hotels are a real alternative to luxury hotels.

The mid segment hotels in Bangalore are priced anywhere between 3000 – 6000 INR and are located very conveniently for all purposes of travel. In fact, being here you will hardly feel you are away from a luxury property. There is a mini bar with coffee and tea making facilities. The rooms have 24/7 service and everyday housekeeping.

The majority of corporate travel in India consists of mid level executives and many middle class leisure travellers. The mid segment hotels here in Bangalore cater to this group in particular as they provide them with all the trappings of a more upmarket hotel at a fraction of the cost. Such travellers are also likely to pick boutique hotels in Bangalore, owing to the exclusivity available at a fraction of the cost.

Most mid segment hotels have facilities like pool, gym and many have great views from the room. Mid segment hotels have less fuss about them but having said that they maintain a clean, chic and minimalist look and ideal for weary travellers. Moreover they serve excellent food at many top restaurants maintaining consistent quality and taste.

Owing to their attractive prices, the mid-market segment in cities like Bangalore should see rapid increase in the coming years. As more travellers become cost conscious the demand for this segment will increase tremendously. Moreover, corporates too are looking to cut costs whilst expecting unmatched service and the mid segment hotels do fill that gap perfectly.

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