Restaurant Review: Olive Bistro, Gurgaon – 4/5 Stars

Being able to see this restaurant from my office window every other day, I always wondered how this cozy, antique-themed-decor restaurant would fare on my palate. It came out with flying colors – with its extravagant spread and exquisite dishes, the gratifying service and the lovely seating on the outside!


Olive has both an inside seating as well as an outside seating. Both have comfortable seating and given the perfect weather at the time, we chose the outer seating to enjoy the sun. They have quite a number of tables outside and almost all come with a sun shade, which can come handy when the sun is at its peak! Nicely done, both the interior and outside seating echo a vintage look.


We chose the Sunday buffet to satiate the hunger that had been dwelling since the morning. At the price, with unlimited (quantity) alcohol, it is a steal. The stage was set and the dishes started rolling.



The day (literally, the first meal of the day) started with the drinks – Litchi Tornado, Virgin Mojito, Red Wine and Green Apple Martini. The wine was great. Green Apple Martini was made with fresh apples and the alcohol just apt. Virgin Mojito was good, but I fancy the ones where the lemon and mint have been crushed a little, which discharges the flavors. It was not done here, but anyhow the taste was good. Litchi Tornado didn’t live up to the mark – either it was made with a syrup or something went off beam with the proportions. During the main course a glass of Sangria was ordered and it was liked very much. Watermelon martini was another gorgeous and appetizing drink that we had.

Salads & Appetizers


The breads, salads, appetizers and sliders came in next. There is too much variety and we tasted everything. Sherry steeped red cabbage sauerkraut was decent. Pasta salad with slow roast tomato, capers in walnut pesto dressing was divine. I am very fussy about pesto and these guys got it just right. Pickled green beans was quite a wonder. This was my first time with pickled beans and I loved them. The toasted sesame seeds, almonds, olives & pomegranate sprinkled on the top of the beans just hauled up the flavors as well as added the distinct tangs to the dish. Roasted vegetables & cous cous salad was delicate in flavor, just the way it should be. Yogurt & paprika marinated chicken salad was a inimitable dish and immoral delight. We could feel the proportions of yogurt and paprika to be just right. There was a delicate after taste of paprika, which was astounding. It came with fresh orange & buttermilk dressing which just enhanced the flavors. This had just a trace of orange flavor and it complimented the salad impeccably. The platter of pita & lavash served with hummus, labneh, babaghanoush & tashi was again amazing, each of the accompaniments having their own exclusive flavors and competing to kick the perception of the breads. The Caesar salad is to die for. Everything fresh, this was brought as a salad, but I think we ate it as a main course because we repeated this 2 more times. The salad is remarkably classy and a must try if you are here.


The healthy salads were followed by sliders & appetizers. We gave a miss to the all veg pizza. Potato & jalapeno poppers were incredible. The things with these are the temperature at which they are served. If they cool a bit, they are gone. These were piping hot and the cheese oozing out! Batter coated pickled vegetables was average, they missed the crunch. Crumb fried fish fingers were perfect. Absolutely the right amount of spice and fried to perfection. Neither the coat, nor the fish over powered the flavors, they were just right. BBQ Chicken sliders were amazing. Freshly baked buns with simple fillings. BBQ marinated chicken with the right amount of sauce (the perfect sweetness from the sauce), lettuce and tomatoes, simple but encumbered with flavors. Cajun marinated cottage cheese sliders were average. Egg Benedict was something we didn’t want to have but the server insisted and brought 2 versions – with and without bacon. Again, I don’t like half boiled eggs, but this was great. Each of the three ingredients – the egg, the bacon & the English muffin slightly toasted, complimented each other quite well and the result was amazing.



The Pizza is part of the appetizers & sliders section of the menu, but I chose to mention it separately, for the sheer goodness it possessed. The jerk marinated chicken thin crust wood fired pizza was unquestionably fantastic. I can put this in one of the best thin crust pizzas I have had. Loaded with the right amount of cheese, chicken basil & oregano, they are baked to perfection in the wood oven inside and served piping hot. If you are here, you must have the pizza!

Main Course


Well after all that amazing food, we were very excited about the main course. They have a wide array of pasta combinations and roasts & grills to choose from. We asked for a Conchiglie pasta in white sauce. The pasta was amazing. The cheese just right for the pasta and the grilled vegetables adding to the aroma and flavors. This was finished off in no time. Other orders were of a Grilled lemon mustard basa, BBQ pork spare ribs & Garlic & dill marinate grilled prawns. The grilled prawns came with grilled zucchini, beans and mashed potatoes and were grilled to perfection. The distinct flavors of garlic and dill were distinguishable and uplifting each other. The BBQ pork spare ribs are out of this world. One look at the dish and you will fall in love with it. It looks amazing and tastes absolutely good. The meat was succulent. Just imagine a warm butter knife going through butter, the meat was cooked to that perfection. The marination was perfect and server along with the grilled beans, broccoli, zucchini and mashed potato, this is a marvelous dish in itself. A must try here. The grilled lemon mustard basa is a beauty again. The flavors of lemon and mustard playing off with each other well and served with grilled beans, broccoli and peppers. Basa is itself a very tasteful fish, and it’s very easy to spoil the flavors with anything more than perfect. These guys get it absolutely right and we loved this dish.



The dessert platter consists of Flourless chocolate torte, lemon curd tart, banana moist cake and cheesecake. The lemon curd tart & cheesecake were amazing, banana moist cake good & chocolate torte was average. I have had much better chocolate torte. Waffles server with maple syrup are perfect. They were a perfect combination of crispiness and softness.


The lavish meal was ended with a cup of tea coffee as per choice. The server made all efforts to satisfy our customizations – jasmine tea with honey and lemon slices, chamomile tea with honey and a portion of green tea were served and were a big relief after all that food ☺

About the place:


• Located in the Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City.
• The ambience is great. Comfortable place for a dine-in.
• Interesting décor with a classic antique look. Everything from tables to chairs to decorative knick-knacks that adorned the place had a vintage feel.
• They have a dedicated outdoor kitchen for quick service. They also have a bar inside the outlet.
• One can choose to sit either inside or outside. The outside space is surrounded by plants, striped umbrellas and a lot of other things.
• Olive Bistro is perfect for romantic dining and dating couples. Highly recommended for dates, especially at night and go for alfresco dining. Reserve a table beforehand to avoid disappointment.

About the service:

• Service was quick. The drinks came quickly, the starters arrived in 10-15 minutes.
• The staff was attentive to our needs.

About the food:

Focaccia Bread
• First thing presented was the Focachia Bread.
• Soft & sour bread rolls and grissini breadsticks served with roasted pepper dip and olive tapenade.
• To enhance to overall taste enjoy the bread with with both the dip & olive tapenade.

Chicken and Vegetable Broth Soup
• The soup was served very quickly and was nicely presented.
• It was served with freshly cut carrots, beans and mushrooms – the blend was perfect.
• The taste of all the vegetables was really subtle and the soup was moreish.


Salad Niçoise
• The salad had tomatoes, tuna, boiled eggs, beans, baby potatoes, red onions and Kalamata olives, dressed with their in-house vinaigrette. In case you don’t know, the Kalamata olive is a large purple olive with a smooth meaty texture and has been named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese in Greece.
• Could feel individual tastes but the overall flavour was missing.

Smoked Chicken and Mango salad
•This salad used fresh iceberg lettuce and mango slices with parmesan, bacon and their specially prepared house dressing.
• Everyone at the table enjoyed the salty and sugary flavour of this salad.


• Was very refreshing because of the mint, ginger and lime juice mixed with 7Up.

Milano Smooch
• This was more citrusy as compared to our first mocktail, Avalanche – because of the oranges used in it.

Lamb Meat Balls
• The whole dish was very well cooked.
• The lamb was soft and tender and my knife went through it like it would go through butter.
• Plating and presentation was excellent.
• The cheddar cheese enhanced the flavour of the meat balls.
• I love tomato sauce in my meat balls but the flavour of tomatoes was slightly overpowering, I would have liked it to be slighly subtle.

Glazed Pork Ribs
• This dish was served with house spiced bits of pineapple which went really well with the pork ribs.
• It had been presented really well and tated quite good.


Black Forest Pizza
• The toppings incuded ham slices and pineapple pieces. The pineapple pieces were great because they balanced the saltiness of ham.
• It wasn’t the best pizza I have had but the combination sure was interesting.

Asparagus Pizza
• I haven’t ever thought of having an asparagus pizza in my life and I never thought that I would like it but I liked this pizza very much.
• Bits of asparagus and walnuts were added on top, making the pizza very nice and crispy.
• Ricotta cheese bits enhanced the flavour of the pizza.

Lemon, Broccoli and Ricotta Ravioli
• The ravioli came with tomato salsa, parmesan cream sauce, and pine nuts
• The dish had been presented in a very simple fashion and the taste was amazing!
• Loved this the best!

Confit Chicken Leg
• Chicken was slow cooked for a long period of time to make it tender.
• The dish consisted of chicken leg pieces, couscous, and freshly grilled green vegetables.
• It was presented with some citrus salsa.
• It wasn’t my favourite dish that day but the ingredients used in this dish make it healthy which works really well for me because I eat out all the time and I could use something healthy once in a while! This dish had proteins, fibers, vitamins… balanced diet on a place.

OB Chicken Burger
• Even though I was really full, I couldn’t have left without trying the Olive Bistro burgers. The Italian dishes at the reastaurant were excellent and I really wanted to see if the burgers were just as good.
• They were okay burgers, quite crunchy and fresh but I certainly have had better.

Coconut and White Chocolate Panna cotta
• This was a really smooth and delicious dessert.
• It had coconut, hazelnut and nougat pieces.
• A must have dessert. My favourite dessert on the menu!

• We were served freshly baked waffles with maple syrup, caramel sauce, whipped cream and berry compote. I liked it, it wasn’t as good as the panna cotta though.

Thanks to Chef Vikram and the Manager Brajesh for hosting Team Shivangi Reviews and for the superb hospitality.
Would give the experience 4/5.

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Review and picture credit: Abhik D & Shaleen S

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