Unlocking the Golden Spirit with Zibi @ Nero, Le Meridien, New Delhi

Whiskey Appreciation Event 

  • What’s the difference between whisky and whiskey?
  • What is Scotch whisky?
  • How old does a spirit have to be to be considered a “scotch whisky”?
  • What does the year on a bottle of scotch mean?
  • Is it proper to put water or ice in your scotch?

If these are some of the questions that you have been wanting to be answered, read on!


This was an event hosted by the very chic and erudite bar at Le Meridian – Nero. Tastefully done – apt light and plush seating just add to it aura. Everything reflects the royalty that is very clearly mirrored in its menu as well as the selection of rare spirits. Facilitated by Zbigniew Zapert (lovingly called Zibi by everyone) – a celebrated International Mixologist and Bar Trainer currently working in India as the brand ambassador of Diageo.


Starting from the history of spirit making – which goes as far as 10000 years, a discussion on why we drink (& love!) alcohol (obviously to get high J), the process of making spirits and appreciating the golden spirit, this was a storehouse of knowledge that gave everyone the lessons they would have loved (and will use practically) ever after!


Have you ever wondered when all spirits are made of the same thing (barley), what sources the difference in taste? What makes a bottle of Gold Label differ from Blue Label? What does the number of year on the bottle mean? What does the ABV values indicates? Zibi enlightened the attendees with amazing facts about all these questions always popping up in curious minds.


Fascinating & intriguing to know about the labor intensive process in making spirits and hence the associated prices. A master blender uses a mixture of spirits to create a blended scotch. Digest this – for Blue Label – the master blender has to smell (yes, they are people who can smell and tell you about the taste of the product) about 1.5 lakhs barrels of spirits each year! What about single malts? They are blended too – but just use spirits from a single distillery. Much more knowledge was imparted to all attendees who seemed to enjoy every bit of the session.


Well theory doesn’t always suffice J The practical consisted of Whiskey tasting for all attendees – Singleton – a single malt 12 year, Zibi’s signature Gold Label cocktail with a dash of orange and much more! The accompaniments served along with were mouthwatering – whether it was stuffed mushroom, jalapeno cigars, bruschetta, chicken n paneer skewers and an endless variety of salads with dips!


Whiskey would never be the same after attending a session with Zibi.

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Review Credit: Abhik Dasgupta

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