Movie Review – Neeraj Pandey’s ‘Baby’


The expectations were high, with the last ventures of Neeraj Pandey – A Wednesday & Special 26 and he did live up to his caliber with his ‘Baby’. A ‘no song’ movie in Bollywood has to push itself too much to be able to satiate the penchant of Indian viewers. The last 2 movies did extremely well with critics and viewers, and such are the hopes from this one too! Brilliantly written and executed – the movie keeps you gripped and in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.

The movie depicts the life and commitment of secret agents and spies, who are never acknowledged for their service – as aptly acknowledged by Danny in one scene – ‘We don’t, and they don’t care!!’.

‘Baby’ is the super-secret, counter-intelligence, antiterrorist unitthe name chosen because it is on trial basis for 5 years. Feroze Khan (Danny) describes the state of affairs that led to institution of this elite force and makes you count the success and failures of the quintessential task force.

The movie starts with an agent captured and beaten brutally in Istanbul, because of a double agent. Ajay (Akshay Kumar) has the task of saving the captured agent and capturing the double agent. Only god knows how he succeeds in capturing the running double agent when he started pursuing him after almost a minute. Then starts a break-what-you-want-to chase and after making a lot of mess, the double agent is finally captured and divulges details about an impending attack in Delhi after being pummeled by Ajay. The elite team obviously foils the attack but it doesn’t end here. Before killing himself, the double agent reveals a number of attacks being planned throughout India and hence giving the team the next of their tasks

There is tenacious action, non-stop action scenes. Akshay is superb in his role, with interesting hand-to hand combat scenes and wry faced humor. Anupam Kher plays a technician and brings in some moments of laughter. Raja is kept just for his physique and plays the Groot!

The film has a quite large 159 minute runtime, which I feel could have been easily cut down by 40-45 minutes. The climax of some of the scenes are very obvious but they have been stretched. There was no point wasting almost around 10 minutes showing the team waiting for a meeting to get over and start their mission, which ironically, just lasted for a minute. There are other portions which could have been made short and the total time shrunk to around 2 hours.

The message is very distinct – the fight is against terrorism – not against any religion or country!

One dialogue from the movie sums it all up for those who fight for their nation – ‘Bas Marna Mat’



Review by: Abhik D.

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