B&W Moments – Reviving the Rock Music Scene in Delhi at Striker

It was all about foot stomping music and delectable treats for Dilliwallahs, when several Rock Bands performed live at Striker, Delhi on 19th December 2014.


The evening became merrier as people descended to the dance floor. Black & White Moments – Delhi’s Rock Resurgence celebrated at Striker brought to life the history of the city’s rock and indie music. Manisha, a frequent partygoer, said, “The live music scene in Delhi has never been better. I think this is just the beginning of a long musical journey in Delhi and we are so thrilled to see exciting and popular talent performing for us at one of our favourite party spots!”


The good ol’ rock n’ roll days came to life with this charming musical night filled with energy and elegance. The evening was a delightful blend of shared memories, fascinating tales, music from the 60s to the present and people enjoyed iconic moments of each decade with B&W Manhattan and Toddy.


Legendary bands like Electric Paint (Arun Sharma), KIngsloth, Blitzkreig (Edwin Fernandes), Trivial Pursuit (Christopher Mitra), White Fang, Graffitti (Gautam Ghosh), Orange Street (Gautam Chima/ BaNN), Them Clones (Surojit Dev), Superfuzz (Anirudh Voleti), Menwhopause (Anup Kutty), Kush Nahar (Messiah), Eternity Minstrels (Avdhesh Sapru), Teddy Boy Kill / Orange Street (Samrat B, Faridkot (I.P. Singh) performed as people swayed back and forth with arms linked. Striker offered warm up drinks on the house which set the mood for the musical night.


India’s rock scene has seen many changes in the past years and iconic bands like Indian Ocean,ParikramaMidival Punditz, etc. have won our heart with their soulful music. Black White Moments- Delhi’s Rock Resurgence was all about shared memories and an ode to the evolution of one of the country’s favourite music genres. From pure rock to folk rock, fusion and electronic, the night was a memorable musical experience.

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Photo Credit: Karan Mangotra

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