Bohemia Spotted at ASOM, Radisson Blu, Dwarka

Known world-wide as the creator of Punjabi rap, Bohemia is a rapper and a music producer from California. He started his career as a near-novelty, a Desi teenager from California, delivering, hardcore rap music, a style of music which was unheard of at the time. But within a few years he has pretty much reinventing the Desi pop music scene and influenced not only youth to start rhyming Punjabi lyrics to hip-hop beats, but the Bollywood superstars as well.

Bohemia quickly gained popularity with his independent debut album, ‘Vich Pardesan De’ [In the foreign land] hitting Top 10 on BBC Radio UK. The following album, ‘Pesa nasha pyar’ [Money, intoxication, love] became the first full-length Punjabi rap album released by a major label in history. It brought Bohemia increased popularity, including his recent multi-record deal with music mogul Universal Music [2006 – 2009]. This brought his creation of ”Punjabi rap” to mainstream recognition, making Bohemia pioneer of a new genre of music known as ‘Desi-Hip-Hop’ or ‘Desi-rap’.

In 2006 ‘Pesa nasha pyar’ hits #2 on Maxim magazine’s Top 10 downloads, and #3 on Planet M chart India. Bohemia appears in XXL magazine New York. He enters Bollywood with the title track for Warner Bros. film ‘Chandni Chowk to China’, appearing in the film with Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone.
Bohemia most recently lends his voice for the film ‘Desi Boyz’ to set the scene for Sanjay Dutt‘s cameo.

Da rap star, his second studio album receives 4 nominations at the UK Asian music awards and PTC Punjabi music awards, including ‘Best Punjabi Album’ and ‘Best Music Director’. ‘Da rap star’ also remains #1 on Planet M chart several weeks. Bohemia tours the world in 2009 performing all over America, Europe and Asia. He has appeared on many of Universal India’s mega-compilations. Bohemia is one of the best-selling artists of the year according to UMG India in 2009, making him the flagship artist of Universal Music Group India.

Bohemia aka the Punjabi rapper

Born in Karachi, Pakistan Bohemia moved to the United States during his early teen years. He started learning music at a very young age from his father. He started writing Punjabi poetry around then as well. After moving to San Francisco Bay Area, California, Bohemia was introduced to America that was much the opposite of palm trees and green grass. The town was infested with drugs and violence. About a year later being in the states, he lost his mother to cancer. At that time, Bohemia left home and survived as a local musician. He started working as a keyboard player/music arranger while living at local studios with other musicians. After a few years of success, the local group of musicians fell apart and Bohemia left to pursue music on his own. Bohemia soon started putting his poetry to the music he composed and gave birth to a new genre of music, Desi Hip Hop / Punjabi Rap.

In May 2012, Bohemia became the first Rap artist invited to Coke Studio Pakistan.

Bohemia released his 3rd studio album the Thousand Thoughts LP on August 30th 2012. The album received the Best Punjabi album of the year award at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2013.

A State of Music (ASOM), Radisson Blu, Dwarka 

Delhites can make their weekends memorable by indulging with the best of  international club experience similar to that of Vegas. To all those party goers, ASOM is like a blessing in disguise. This is one place where every Friday & Saturday night is a festival night!

Sprawled over 7000 sq. ft, it is a style and entertainment hub that drips with opulence and attracts the partying elites. To start with a must-watch intro-visual that’ll set the pace for the acts lined-up. On Fridays we present ‘ASOM Arena’ that features the best Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that you can ever dance on. 

One of the main attraction are the DJs from world over visit the facility regularly and leave you spell-bound! The Friday action is followed by ASOM Club Night and ASOM Studio every Saturday.ASOM Club Night plays fast paced commercial numbers that makes you hit the floor. Whereas the ASOM Studio features renowned artists playing with their band live and unplugged.

Park yourself at the VIP lounge, marvel at the city lights from the 1200 sq. ft. open terrace or glue your eyeballs to really big LED screens. All of this coupled with eclectic collection of finger foods that go well with signature drinks. Besides the classics, we have mixology experts to serve you a myriad variety of cocktails! 

So, whatever your poison is, you’ll be served till dawn!



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