Restaurant Review, Barrels, Vasant Vihar, Delhi – 3.5/5 Stars

Barrels is a small yet classy pub opposite Priya Cinema, in Basant lok complex. Interesting graffiti lining the stairs leads to the 2nd floor where Barrels is. The restaurant has an interesting décor and comfortable seating.

Arrabiata Pasta

Barrels is a relaxed place that you can frequent with friends to unwind. We went on a Monday and the restaurant wasn’t very crowded which was perfect as we were looking to have a quiet conversation. Barrels has a Live band on Fridays which I would be very interested in checking out.

Absolut Chuski

There are a wide range of cocktails and mocktails on offer. To start with I tried the “Antioxidant Supreme” mocktail which was a very refreshing blend of oranges, grapes, kiwis and raspberrys. Next up – “Answer”, a cocktail which is a big hit at Barrels. It had a distinctive yet perfect combination of whiskey, lime and coke.

Cashew's Nut

Barrels is the best pub you will find in this area for finger food. It gets a perfect score in quality, taste and presentation. We tried a number of them starting with “Peri Peri chicken skewers” which was a perfect beginning. Served hot it had crispy and flavourful bites of juciy chicken. “Cigar rolls”, “Tandoori Momos”, “Grilled Fish” , “Honey Satey Chicken” and “Chicken Lollipops” were truly delicious and went well with our cocktails.

Malai Tikka (1)

Barrels is a multi-cuisine pub with a range of cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Indian. We tried the “Tandoori Kukar” served with Naan which was recommended to us by the server. We quite liked it but I woudn’t say this is the best I’ve had.


The staff at Barrels is well-mannered, energetic, hospitable and above all they have a good understanding of food being served. I would definitely go back to Barrels with friends for the unlimited “Beeryani” on a Sunday!



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