Restaurant Review: Wok in the Clouds, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi – 3.5/5 Stars

There are a lot of restaurants in the city but there are very few that have stuck around for as long as this one. Orange hue, large wood dining tables and interesting pieces of art don’t exactly make Wok in the Clouds unique but the place sure is as simple as simple can get. Sometimes simplicity is a good thing. I don’t want to walk into a restaurant every time and think about what I need to decipher from the artwork and layout.


Sometimes when I am at an Indian restaurant in India, I want it to be near perfect, I want it to cleave into a perfect version of what Indian food should be like but I forget that even though there is nothing like authentic spices, everyone has their version of good food and if something tastes nice, it should receive appreciation.

We dug into some Dragon Rolls and Chicken Satay, which came with a peanut sauce that we all quite liked.


This was an opportunistic visit. I had been curious about this branch of Wok in the Clouds for the longest time. I have been to the one in Khan Market and it was quite a relaxed family visit. This is a much older branch; hence, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

When it came to the Indian main course and it was time to have the naan, we were very pleased because Wok’s chefs wait until they receive an order and then slap the naan dough into the tandoor, every bread that was served to us was extremely fresh.

Murg Makhan Wala and Desi Ghee Chicken Curry were the highlights. The chef clearly has an extraordinary palate to serve us an amalgamation of such interesting dishes.


Most of you must think people who write about food have to stuff themselves up. I do not agree with that. I think one can truly taste food best when one is hungry. I always taste whatever is served to me because that way I think I can judge food better and I have more space in my stomach for the best course – the desserts!

Desserts at Wok comprise of my favourite milk based dessert – kulfi. They have many kinds of kulfi and I love each flavour just as much as the other. If you like great tasting food then you know where to stop.



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