Amritsar to Lahore Food Festival @ Park Plaza, Gurgaon – 4.5/5 Stars

Amritsar to Lahore Food Festival @ Park Plaza, Gurgaon – 5th to 21st December 2014 

The Great Kebab Factory or TGKB is one of my favourite restaurants in Delhi and being a kebab lover I could not resist but catch on their ongoing Lahore to Amritsar festival.

I also happened to meet Executive Chef Avinash and Guest MasterChef Vakil Ahmed and talking to them and understanding their expensive I safely assumed I am in for a lavish treat.

Chef Vakil
The evening began with a fantastic Galouti kebab. Although I have never been disappointed with TGKB’s galouti but it somehow tasted better this time. Chef Vakil did hint at the number and balance of spices that go in the Galouti mix and that balance was exemplary.
The second item was the fabulous Bhatti da Kukad. A speciality of Punjab, it was charred to perfection and the perfectly basted skin gave way to moist chicken.
The chapli kebab in the festival menu was nothing short of extraordinary. the flavours in it are alive and punchy and you can taste the flavours with each morsel. I loved the fact that at TGKB they did not use a lot of meat fat while making the kebab as it helps in elevating its taste.
There was a murgh kandarahi pasanda, flattened boneless chicken cooked in a spicy marination which was flawless.
One of my favourite dishes though was the Mahi Motiya. Tender morsels of sole was perfectly coates in masalas and then fried till crispy.
I also loved the Atishi champ on the menu. The strong ginger flavour came through and the punch marinade just made the fall off the bone mutton heavenly.
Although at TGKB the main course is a side hero but it was as tasty as it gets. There was a murgh biryani which was average but the rahra mutton made up for it. We also had a great paneer  butter masala, which as always was spot on. In fact it was a refreshing change being the only veg dish of the evening (discounting the chutneys of course).
A special mention also needs to be mentioned for the various breads that were accompanying the dishes. I tasted two, sheermal and bakarkhani, and found them so brilliant that I kept repeating them throughout the evening.
The evening ended with a quartet of desserts – sewiyan, moong dal halwa, gulab jamun and rasmalai. Each one of them were just sublime and not like the regular overly sweet Indian dessert.
I think that if one is a true lover of great Indian food and especially kebabs they should just not miss the ongoing festival. Go for it!



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