Re-launch & Culinary Workshop at Dunkin’ Donuts, CP

The workshop started with thoughts about designing the menu and deciding the funky names. The sampling session consisted of a brief discussion on the making of the food, sampling the raw materials and taking feedback.


The place has been tastefully and thoughtfully done keeping in mind the gen X. It has wall hangings depicting the thoughts of the youth. The makers have paid great attention to how the youth of today deals with issues and converted them into wonderful painting ideas. There are 2 floors to choose from. The ground floor has a casual touch and the first floor is more inclined towards elegance with plush seating.

The Beverages


Stirr’accino – A layered coffee. Standing true to its name has 4 layers – the Dunkin’ Espresso at the bottom, milk, Dunkin’s original blend and finally foam on the top for that frothy feeling. Take the name for granted – stir everything together before sipping. Strong flavours.

Iced Tea – Brewed with fresh tea leaves & poured over ice cubes to attain the desired temperature.

Spiked Iced Tea – New on the menu. Infused with flavors of cinnamon, star anise & cloves. Unique – but the flavor of cinnamon overruled.

Green Iced Tea – Brewed with fresh green leaves this offers you great colors but little flavor. Too sweet. The feedback was passed and duly noted.

Lemon Iced Tea – Not like the best I have had. Subtle flavor of lemon. The sweetness however was perfect this time.

Dunkaccino – Perfect is the word! 5 flavors. Jamaican Rum & Almonds was served. Coffee, Jamaican rum, topped with cream and crushed almonds brings about the blended magic that most of the cold coffees served anywhere don’t. Loved this one and ordered a large one at the end and finished off in no time.

The Burgers & Wraps


Naughty Lucy (Veg & Non–Veg) – Newly launched. The star attraction is the molten cheese coming out from between the patties when you bite into it. Cheddar cheese between 2 chicken or yam patties, topped with raw mango relish which gives the playful twang, chipotle sauce for the fire along with fresh veggies and sourdough buns create a stir in the mouth. Perfect for cheese lovers!

Wicked Wrap (Veg & Non-Veg) – Tortilla filled with super-hot chicken or veggies, tang of mango relish, fire of jalapenos, crunch of nachos and the burn of chipotle – what else can you want. Perfect. Don’t think about the spiciness just after your first bite, it will set in a couple of seconds later ☺

Not so Wicked Wrap (Veg & Non-Veg) – The Wicked wrap, stripped of the jalapenos, less chipotle and not so hot chicken and veggies – for people who don’t like the fire!!

Tough Guy Original (Veg & Non-Veg) – Bagel Buns, Yam or Chorizo Patty, Chicken Salami, secret mustard sauce recipe & rough salad. Given all the goodness, this is bit on the lower side to be able to ignite the taste buds!

Tough Guy Brute (Veg & Non-Veg) – Brute Scar Buns, Kidney Bean or Chorizo Patty, caramelized chicken/tex mex (in the veg. version), harissa sauce and chili mayo – you will love to tear this down. Quite spicy & huge by size, undoubtedly the best of DD. Would love it if you love the heat!

Heaven Can Wait – Double the fun – patties infused individually with pepper & red paprika – are juicy and succulent. Topped with harissa sauce, gives out great flavours!

The Donuts


It’s a mistake – Chili flakes on white chocolate and filled with a guava jelly – nasty to think of but strikingly flavorful to eat. Must try!

Ugly Strawberry – Strawberry flavored white chocolate and dried strawberry toppings. The donut lacked the flavors I was expecting.

No more blues – Mint based! A good one for mint based chocolate lovers.

Breakup party Eclairs – The best! Chocolate syrup topped with chocolate shavings and filled with liquid eclairs – unspoiled for chocolate lovers.

Stuck on you – Butter scotch chips, white chocolate and caramel – pure bliss!

Death by Chocolate – Molten chocolate on the inside. Chocolate coating on the outside – what else to desire for!!

—– 15 Jun, 2014 —–

The scene: This Donut shop is located in the N Block of Connaught Place and it is bustling with people carrying big dozen boxes of donuts.

There are often people queuing to get into this joint at lunchtimes, so I’m keen to see what all the fuss is about now that it’s open until 12 every night.

The grub: We dig into their “Triple Chocolate Donut”- One word – AWESOME!

“The Chocolate Eclair Donut” – It melted in my mouth and was absolutely moreish!

“The Death by Chocolate Donut”- It was so delicious that I was wishing that I hadn’t had any donuts so I could eat 2 more of these!

Next up, we’re delivered the “Strawberry Milkshake”- quite thick, creamy and delicious.

Bill please: We paid Rs. 600 for two people with drinks.

Verdict: A great snack time stop-off offering delicious donuts.


—– 24 Jan, 2014 —–
Its finally in India and the first donut I tried was the chocolate one with a lot of sprinkles. It was really fresh and tasty and light. It went very well with a cup of coffee.

I like the idea of instant food and the fact that this place is sufficiently staffed to have coffee and tea prepared really quickly.

I love how there is so much variety on the menu. The bagels are especially tasty. This place is not all donuts.

I would rate this place 5/5 on its food and …. for the service and staff another 5/5!

Thumbs up DD!



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