Restaurant Review: Monkey Bar, Connaught Place, Delhi – 4/5 Stars

With new year 2015 just around the corner, we decided to visit the New York inspired Monkey Bar in the heart of the city. Monkey Bar is a quirky new establishment that opened its doors in September this year. The purpose of the restaurant is to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for its patrons. This outlet of Monkey Bar is the second one in the capital, the first one at Vasant Kunj took the city by storm.


This is a perfect locale to wile away a relaxed Saturday night with a view of the beautiful night sky at Connaught Place, the charming terrace offers breathtaking views of Connaught Circus. The area is know for iconic brands like Keventers, Wenger’s, etc. and Monkey Bar’s Chefs know how to keep the roots of this area alive in the restaurant’s menu. The menu is true to the heart of the city with incredible dishes such as a milk shake that is served in a glass bottle and a delightful Butter Chicken Khichdi which is a delicious blend of soul satisfying khichdi and Delhi’s favourite rich creamy butter chicken gravy.


The Incredible Sulk, inspired by the sweet syrupy golas at India Gate, is a combination of McDowell’s, kala khatta, lime and soda, while the CP Cocktail is inspired by fruity flavours as well as the perfect garnish of the ‘cherry on top’. This is a heady concoction of homemade cherry syrup, Smirnoff, lime juice, ginger ale, triple sec and of course a topping of luscious cherries. The restaurant’s Signature cocktails include Mangaa, Dublin Dram, Copper Monkey and Shazia Imli, a spicy, tangy, sweet blend of Smirnoff and Spicy Tamarind.


For ages, Connaught Place has been a cozy outpost for casual shoppers and tourists looking to get a taste of the city. Monkey Bar hasn’t been allowed to make changes to the exterior structure and the facade retains the heritage of the colonial white building but they have managed to create a spot with exposed brick walls, soft wood floors and large comfortable booths in deep tones, offset by mismatched, yet, warm lights and fixtures. Split across two levels, the space is welcoming and intimate with its own brand of charm. The interiors reflect the industrial and quirky overtones, which has become a Monkey Bar signature theme.


This delicious ode to Delhi is incomplete without the Mobar Sundae Cup, inspired by Hot Chocolate Fudge at Nirula’s, while the Old Monkey Chocolate Cake, is a signature speciality to appeal to a wide palette.


As we sipped on our Chocolatinis and played pool at the upper most level, we realised how the whole space comes together to create a cohesive and welcoming environment for its patrons. The music is buzzy, but still lets you have a conversation. Plates are shared between friends and strangers bond over a game of pool. At the heart of it all, Monkey lets you be yourself. There is no reservation at Monkey Bar, you just amble in and have a good time. It is the perfect place to hang out, grab a drink, indulge in hearty meal, or just monkey around.

Article & Images By: Shivangi Sinha encourages you to Party Responsibly!


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