Restaurant Review: White Waters, Connaught Place, Delhi – 3.5/5 Stars

White Waters resembles a Greek home with its white Mediterranean feel and white décor all around. Although seemingly small it opens to many different mezzanine levels that make it a great party place. White waters, located in CP is a quaint café with great outdoors space is a great place to be with your family to catch up or friends to let your hair down.

Their menu is varied mix of all things tasty. Thai, Mediterranean, Indian all types of cuisines are available at the restaurant.


Our first order was a couple of salads, the Classic Caesar Salad and a Roast Parmesan Salad. The Caesar Salad was a great mix of fresh lettuce mixed with croutons, parmesan, olive oil and a hint of garlic. The chicken was well seasoned and with the phenomenal dressing tasted great. The ambience was really relaxed and we enjoyed it with some Black Dog straight up that set the mood for the powerful performance by Turkush, a new Delhi-based band.


The Bollywood-Sufi style performance livened the whole place and the blue hue made even the most shy couples get up and dance to songs like “Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon” by Silk Route.

Then came the dish of the night, Chili chicken. This dry dish will compliment all drinks beautifully; my recommendation will be a Smirnoff based cocktail. The chicken was spicy, sweet and sour at the same time. Importantly, it was still juicy and tender in the middle. A real delight this dish, kudos to the chef for this spot on creation.


Our main was “Roast Chicken Champignon”. For the uninitiated, a champignon sauce is a reduced mushroom sauce made in a bit of champagne and cognac. Fabulous from start to finish, this went down a treat. The mushroom sauce was aggressively seasoned with many herbs and spices. The potato mash was smooth and velvety and went well with our Smirnoff martinis.

The final dish of the evening was a White Waters speciality called “White Waters Chicken”. It was very close to a butter chicken but the great thing was that the chicken was cooked in a tandoor and finished in tomato and butter gravy. I think this dish when paired with Kingfisher beers was a complete hit.

As the night progressed, the band played requests and when it was time to wrap up, people kept screaming – “Once More!!”

For more events and to find out what’s happening this month at White Waters, click here.

Article & Images By: Shivangi Sinha encourages you to Party Responsibly!


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