Friday nights with Turkush @ White Waters, Connaught Place

After a long hard week at work most people look forward to Friday nights. Friday nights have now become more fun thanks to places like White Waters in the heart of the city, Connaught Place.

Turkush, which is a multi genre Hindi band performed at White Waters last weekend and will continue to perform every Friday of this month at White Waters. The name of the band has been derived from the Devnagari word – तरकश, meaning basket/container of arrows used by warriors. Vibhor Hasija is the mastermind behind the band. He plays the keyboard and is an absolute wizard with it. His precision and timing kept the audience involved all evening.


Sidaque Singh, a Punjabi boy is the band’s drummer. He is a Metallica fan who makes sure that his audience are shaking a leg and singing along. Another true Punjabi is the percussionist of the band, Gurpinder Pal Singh. His presence brought the entire performance to life and his energy was infectious.


White Waters had a long queue of people waiting to get in, it was house full at this buzzing restaurant last Friday. The restaurant was filled with not just young party people enjoying Black Dog on the rocks; a lot of families were also present and seemed to enjoy the melodious Sufi music by Parth (lead vocalist). The crowd was seen tapping their feet and enjoying Smirnoff cosmos and matinis until late at night.


White Waters is the perfect place for a relaxed night out. Dim lighting, great food and melodious musical nights make the whole experience a lasting memory. Amidst its serene white and aquamarine ambience, this restaurant is the ideal place to blow off a little steam. It has spacious balconies, a private dining area for corporate events and a mezzanine level extension for two. The lover’s corner as the restaurant calls it, is the place to have delectable treats and listen to some romantic music with your partner. It the perfect place to rekindle your love.

People cheered for the band and put across their musical requests and the band did not disappoint. They sang interesting versions of popular Bollywood numbers and encouraged the party crowd to set their drinks at the table and come down to the dance floor.


A large part of the crowd came down to the dance floor while some sat at their tables enjoying the thoughtfully tailored menu. What I enjoyed the most was the “Roast Chicken Champignon” prepared in a bit of champagne and cognac, which went quite well with my Smirnoff sangria.

The evening was quite unforgettable and considering White Waters has a lot of events planned for the party season, I will be back for more.

For more events and to find out what’s happening this month at White Waters, click here.

Article & Images By: Shivangi Sinha encourages you to Party Responsibly!


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