Striker, Delhi is Party Central for Pre-New Year Parties


With an exquisite serving of gastronomical delights and mesmerising music, Striker is the definite choice for the party season.

There are thousands of restaurants in the city and standing out is quite a challenge. Striker has managed to hunt around the cracks and find the perfect place for both food lovers and party people. In the ever-growing restaurantosphere of the city, Striker is among the few places that has gigs, events and performances and is full even on weekdays.


The restaurant has reinvented the dining experience by creating a relaxed atmosphere for friends and family by turning a regular meal into an exciting celebration. The restaurant not only has well-spaced out seating, it also has a fully stocked bar, a stage and a dance floor.


The regular menu is packed full of dishes like “kadak lamb seekh kebab”, “Singapore chilli prawns”, pastas, dim sum and rolls. The chef does these things very well indeed.

The “Winter Special Menu” is just as appetising as the regular menu the restaurant has. Now is the time to treat your taste buds with hot and sizzling treats at the restaurant. The new menu consists of “tandoori momos”, “mezze platter”, “cottage cheese chimichanga” along-with a choice of “enchiladas served with Mexican rice”, beans and soft corn wrapped around your choice of fillings and topped with ranchera sauce. The restaurant also offers “dessert nachos” with an interesting combination of coconut jaggery ice cream.


Striker is my happy place, if ever the world is getting to me; I ditch everything else and go to Striker. The pubbing experience at Striker is beyond compare. With 18,000 square feet of space, a multi-level floor design and a unique terrace the restaurant spells revelry like no other. There is a wide choice of beverages available including Kingfisher beerMcDowell’s rum infused Mojitos and Mai Tai, Smirnoff Martinis, etc. The wine list is a page long and has red wines like Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. They also have some great white wines that set the mood for Sufi and Rock performances by popular bands and DJs at Striker.

Every day of December is a party and a countdown for the New Year 2015, what’s on your agenda for the festive season?

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