Sufi Night with Jugni at Striker, Delhi

has changed the party scene of Delhi NCR ever since it opened its doors. This pub and kitchen is probably the only place in Delhi that is stuffed with party enthusiasts even on weekdays.

Jugni @ Striker Delhi

This week’s attraction at Striker was a scintillating and soulful performance by a Delhi based band known for its Sufi rock sound – Jugni. The band consists of three old friends, Rohit, Sagar and Mohit. “Jugni” means the spirit or essence of life and invokes the name of God (often using the word “Saeen”, the vernacular word for Lord), Ali or the Gurus. Rohit says, “A kernel of truth is an essential and integral part of every Jugni composition.

Even though the band isn’t very old, they sure know how to get people in their dancing shoes. Rohit (lead vocalist) is a complete entertainer. Sagar (lead guitarist) sure can jam and Mohit (guitarist and backing vocalist) dresses to impress. The band members not only write music, they sing a wide range of Sufi and Bollywood songs.

At first, Delhi’s party crowd seemed to enjoy the music but couldn’t feel connected to the band as the tables were well spaced out leaving a huge space empty for people who wanted to dance. As the night progressed and people downed glasses of Black Dog infused drinks they were seen slipping into party mode. The band came out with full might and started performing with all their energy. There were solo flute, drums and guitar performances that the crowd applauded with much enthusiasm.

With the unequivocal support from the audience, the band started performing popular songs like ‘Alif Allah (Bhag Milkha Bhaag)’, ‘Jugni Ji’, ‘Halka Halka Suroor’, ‘Chaap Tilak’, ‘Sayoni – by Junoon’, etc.

Striker is the perfect place to kick back and unwind with food, friends and some truly epic performances. Striker has constantly evolved with avant-garde ideas and has a number of awards recognising its success in the city.

The restaurant promises a pubbing experience like no other, with 18,000 square feet of space with a multi-level floor design and a unique terrace for party lovers. The excitement doesn’t just stop there. The have the finest Signature cocktails, the finest pub food like “Lamb Seekh Kebabs”, “Chicken Tikka” and “Mutton Masala Roast”, with the mood set by the best of rock and sufi music spun by popular artists.

Being an eyewitness to a night of pure ecstasy and this sensational musical performance by this really talented young band at Striker at the most popular restaurant and pub in Delhi is an experience which I will not forget for a long time.

The restaurant has many more events planned for the approaching festive season – join the fun!

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