Cafe Review: Chaayos, Sector 127, Noida – 4/5 Stars

About the place:

It was raining that day. The sky was cloudy with a cool breeze blowing. The weather was just fine. I am a tea aficianado and all I could think of was getting a nice hot cup of tea in the lovely weather. I happened to be in Noida and I was pleased to see that Chaayos has opened a new outlet in Noida. It is located on the ground floor of IHDP Business Park, Sector 127, Noida. 


One can easily locate the cafe as it is just in front of the entrance gate. Owing to the fact that it is located in a Business Park, their primary customers are working professionals. Since their tea is very nice, families also visit the café from time to time even though its location isn’t that family friendly. I like the décor of Chaayos. The cafe has been beautifully decorated with wall art and posters related to many different kinds of Chai.

About the service:

The staff was very professional, courteous, attentive and our food was served quickly. The café is hygienic and clean. 

About the food:

1. Desi Chai (with Hari Mirch & Adrak)

Desi Chai with Hari Mirch & Adrak1
• We started with Desi Chai – the most basic tea you find in every home. It is the same tea you drink at tea stalls in each and every corner of India. If you wish to experience drinking desi chai without falling ill, pick Chaayos! 
• The Desi Chai is one of their most selling Indian Teas among the commercial crowd of the business park.
• We took it with separate ingredients like Hari Mirch and Adrak. One can customize it in many more different forms at Chaayos as they have a lot of options.
• The Chai was briliant and left a good after-taste of Mirch as it went down my throat. I could also smell and taste the flavour of Adrak as I took small sips of this lovely tea.
• Overall, a good Kadak cup of Ghar Wali Chai to refresh oneself at any point of time during day or night. No wonder it selles like hot cakes. 

2. Spinach Corn Cheese Bun-Yos

• Next we tried the Spinach Corn and Cheese Sandwich.
• Two pieces of bun filled with a delicious blend of Corn and Cheese curry/paste.
• It was quite good, vegetarians are bound to love this sandwich.
• The center of attraction was the Mayo Honey Garlic Dip that comes with every sandwich that you order. 
• I loved the dip it is without a doubt the best Mayo Dip Sauce I have ever tasted. I became a fan of its taste the very moment I took a first lick. 
•The Store Manager told us that it was his favourite dip too. He was blown away when he first tasted it. 
•I just couldn’t leave even a teeny portion of the dip and continued licking it even though there was none left in the little white container.

3. Moroccan Mint

• Ordered this to try and compare it with a few other Moroccan Teas I had tasted.
• The aroma of Moroccan leaves and Mint was very subtle.
• I had recently tried some Moroccan Tea at Quesa Lounge and it was really nigh and strong. I just can’t get those flavours off my mind. They were just fantastic.

4. Kadhai Paneer Bun-Yos

• It was very good. 
•Tasty and quite filling. 
•The sandwich was very flavoursome and the crispy bun went beautifully with the rich filling.

5. Sicilian Chicken Bun-Yos

• This tasted quite similar to the Kadhai Paneer Sandwich but the only difference was that it had Chicken instead of Paneer.
• It was a little spicier than the other two Chicken Sandwiches – Green Chicken (my favourite) & Butter Chicken (with butter and Punjabi curry flavour).

6. Mint & Lemon Green Tea

• This was very refreshing.
• It had that aroma of Mint & Lemon. It wasn’t that strong though.

7. Egglicious

• This had pieces of boiled egg mixed Mustard paste, Cheese and Vinegar.
• I am not a big fan of mustard and I did not like this sandwich very much, it is an acquired taste. 

8. Modinagar Shikanji 

• This was pure perfection. The perfect blend for hot Delhi summers. • It was quite refreshing.  • This would be the recommended drink one should definitely try at Chaayos. 

9. God’s Chai

• This had a blend of herbs like Kangda Masala, Rose, Pudina, Tulsi, etc. 
• I quite liked it. It is perfect for those with a cough and cold. 
• One can also customize it and add Ginger, Lemon, etc. to it. 

Extra Details: 

• I like the concept of Chaayos. The idea of having my tea customized with the ingredients and additives of my choice rather than going with pre-decided ingredients is surely a boon. 
• Chaayos is a nice place to hangout over Tea, drinks and snacks. 
• I haven’t yet tried their Mint Lemonade. This is one of their best sellers and I cannot wait to visit Chaayos again to try it. 
• I recommend their Combo offers as they are quite economical, you get 1 Tea/Lemonade and any 1 Bun-Yos Sandwich (Veg/Non-Veg) of your choice for only Rs.89/99. 

Chai In the Making2.var

I am a Tea lover and like my tea to be between medium and strong. I would rate Chaayos between 3.5 to 4 for not having tea that is strong by default but the good part is that they customise your tea and if you ask them to make you a strong cup of tea, they would do it. However, I like the healthy green chicken and the delicious butter chicken sandwich so much that they definitely deserve a 4/5. 

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