Restaurant Review: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 4/5 Stars (Mango Festival Review)

13th June 2014 – Mango Festival Review

Though I have been to Lodi several times, this time it was to try their special Mango Menu. The night we went to Lodi, they had a musical performance and the nicest of the crowd from Delhi had gathered to enjoy the event.


It was a very pleasant evening and we sat outside for a while to enjoy our drinks. They had some fantastic cocktails and mocktails on their menu.

The Drinks

We started with the Mango Mojito which had Bacardi, lemon juice and fresh mint leaves. It was very light and refreshing. Then came the Mango Rosemary Martini which is made with vodka, martini bianco, rosemary leaves and the must have ingredient – mango· The fragrance of rosemary was really overpowering but we did enjoy the drink as it gave a kick as soon as you gulped down a sip.


The Mango Margarita with tequila, lemon juice and mango juice was an interesting concoction and tasted really fresh. Another interesting drink was the Mango Mimosa with mango liqueur, mango puree and sparkling wine. This was my favourite cocktail that night as mango went perfectly with sparkling wine.


They had quite interesting mocktails as well. First on the list was the Mango Colada with fresh mangoes, mango puree , and coconut cream. It was really sweet and was a good cocktail but what I really loved was the Virgin Mango Mojito with Fresh mint, mangoes and lemon· We had a lot of alcohol lovers at our table but everyone agreed that the Virgin Mango Mojito was the best drink of the evening.



It was even better than the Aam Panna which had green mangoes, mint, roasted cumin and jaggery. It seemed quite thick to be a mocktail but it was tasty nonetheless.

The Starters

We moved the affair inside as it was slightly warm outside. There were three starters on the menu so we ordered them all. The chilled mango, sparkling wine and yoghurt soup, tasted a lot like mango shake but it was an unusually pleasing taste. I quite liked it.



Everyone at the table really liked the farm mango avocado, dried cranberries and almond flakes in white wine vinaigrette. It was a very fresh salad starter and the cranberries went beautifully with the mangoes and avocados. I did not find this to my liking but everyone at the table quite liked it, which made me believe that this menu has something for everyone so what you need to do is find out what you are likely to love the most.



The Pushkar farm mango salad with smoked chicken and fresh greens was a brilliant starter. It was my favourite amongst the three.



It had a very delicious yoghurt dressing that covered the smoked chicken completely – absolutely divine.

The Main Course

The mains were surprisingly light. The coconut crust fillet fish with spicy mangoes and ginger chutney is a coconut lovers delight. The pan roasted chicken supreme with mangoes and jalapeño salsa and caramelised slice of mango was an interesting main course dish which had some really chunky pieces of chicken.The chicken pieces were lightly flavoured and were not heavy at all. The caramelised mangoes were fantastic too.



The grilled halloumi cheese with spiced mango pilaf was our final main course dish from the mango menu.



The cheese, pilaf and the mango puree tasted beautiful together. It was surprising because they tasted much better together than they did individually.

The Desserts

Our dessert consisted of the Mango brûlée with vanilla which was a mango layered with caramelised sugar, the Mango and wild rice pudding was your typical kheer with pieces of almond.



The Fresh cut Mango platter had three different kinds of mangoes.



My favourite dessert was the homemade mango ice cream which was so delectable that we all went for seconds.


Is it for you?

Lodi is a very romantic restaurant with alfresco dining and a separate smoking area.



It is very pleasant and is perfect for a first date or a special occasion. And, there is something for everyone on the Mango menu, go find your poison!


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