Restaurant Review: Quesa Lounge, Sector 18, Noida – 4/5 Stars

Quesa Lounge is located amidst a chain of shops and cafes just behind Wave One. It took us some time to locate the place, the owners said that they have ordered a board and will be up soon for more visibility – good for us I say! ☺ 


The setting is royal and classic – gramophones, old telephones and royal chairs and old tables. The décor and ambience were very good – digital and handmade artwork with designer lighting. Interesting fact – both the owners have designed things at Quesa themselves. They also have a lights and bulbs business and one of them is a designer – fancy! Their hard work is evident.

Decor Second Floor

Like all modern lounges, they too have a separate room for smokers, the good part is that the room has open windows, plants and flowers – I like that. 

Separate Smoking Area Room

If you are a geek like I am, you will be happy to know that Quesa has Wifi. The music is awesome, a mix of pop, rock, techno and trance. The place almost had the same taste in music that my group of friends have – we all loved the music. 

What I liked most was that Quesa has a varied and mixed menu – lots of choices for almost everybody. They have a lot of things that you won’t find in a regular lounge. Why do I say that? They have tea, coffee and shakes. They have quite an elaborate menu – Italian, Continental, Lebanese, etc. They also have hookah and desserts. 

The menu is very creative; it includes games too (just in case you happen to be accompanied by someone boring, lol). 

The servers are courteous and everything was clean and was presented perfectly. The service was attentive and the food came in timely.

We sarted with their “Oreo shake” – it was rich and delicious. I like thick and creamy shakes and it was perfect for me. It was quite chocolaty. Priced at Rs. 129, I think it was a steal.

Another favourite was their “Cookie monster shake”. We all loved what we had. They had a lot of enjoyable drinks with Kit Kat, Snickers, Mars, Toblerone blended in them. 

Next in, the BBQ chicken. Everyone at the table wasn’t too pleased with the fact that it was served slightly cold. I’m a firm believer in the fact that food tastes better when it is hot and I really wish it was hot. 

We also ordered “Moroccan Tea” – if you are tea aficionado like I am then this is a must try. I liked how refreshing it was. In case you don’t fancy Moroccan Tea, they also have other tea variants like lemon, masala, jasmine and green tea. The iced tea is good too. They have green apple, peach, lemon, etc.

Cheese Fondue

The “Cheese Fondue” was an excellent accompaniment with our drinks. They served pieces of fried bread, potatoes, onion dipped in flour with cheese – bellissimo. 

Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter 1

I am not very fond of fish but we had a lot of fish lovers at the table who seemed to enjoy the “Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter” very much. It was served with bread and came with with carrots, tomato, cauliflower, capsicum, boiled potatoes and some leaves.

Khao Suey

The “Khao Suey” (Burmese) is something I always enjoy. I like noodles very much. This consisted of pieces of chicken and had coconut milk, red curry paste, etc. – it is quite an interesting taste. It is served with fried onions and garlic – the combination enhanced the taste of the dish. The dish is very filling.

BBQ Chicken Pizza 1

I got only a slice of the “BBQ Chicken Pizza” because all of my friends are obsessed with pizzas. The portion size was good and the pizza was spicy. 

Though they had a lot of different desserts, we were quite full so we ordered just crepes. The chocolate crepes were served with ice-cream and walnuts.
We also had banana and walnut crepes that were good too. 

It was interesting to learn that Quesa’s owners are planning to open a bakery soon. Since the quality of the food served to us was quite good, we would be quite excited to try their bakery when it opens!



Review Credit: Shaleen

Photo Credit: Sankalp & Shaleen

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